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Former President Donald Trump commended Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his efforts in the presidential race at a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday.

DeSantis, who recently withdrew from the race and endorsed Trump, received praise from the former president. Trump said, “I’d like to take time to congratulate Ron DeSantis, a [really terrific person … for having run a great campaign for president. He acknowledged the challenges of campaigning, stating, “They think it’s easy doing this stuff, right? It’s not easy.”

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Trump also expressed gratitude for DeSantis’s endorsement, highlighting his desire to collaborate with him and others to defeat President Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

The announcement of DeSantis’s campaign suspension came shortly before the New Hampshire primary, marking the end of a campaign that was initially seen as a solid challenge to Trump. Despite heightened criticisms from DeSantis, the Florida governor ultimately supported Trump over former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

In his video message, DeSantis mentioned his decision to suspend his campaign was influenced by the lack of a clear path to victory and the realization that a majority of Republican primary voters favored giving Trump another chance. He cited disagreements with Trump, particularly regarding the coronavirus pandemic, but concluded that Trump was a better choice than the current president.

This development leaves Trump and Haley as the primary contenders, with Trump holding a substantial lead in both national and state polls. Haley, focusing her efforts on New Hampshire, remains significantly behind Trump in the polls, even with DeSantis out of the race.


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