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Congress has successfully passed a short-term spending bill, effectively averting a potential partial government shutdown that loomed over numerous federal agencies, possibly leaving thousands of workers unpaid. This crucial decision came just in time as significant sections of the government were set to shut down by the end of Friday.

The House of Representatives voted 314 to 108, following the Senate’s earlier approval with a vote of 77 to 18, to extend government funding for an additional six weeks.

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If the government had shut down, numerous public employees would have been put on unpaid leave, consequently disrupting a wide range of government functions, including military activities, food aid, and policy development. In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “We have good news for America: There will not be a shutdown on Friday.” Schumer added that essential services would continue uninterrupted.

This temporary solution emerged amidst stalled negotiations for a comprehensive annual budget, primarily due to House Republicans’ insistence on significant spending reductions, cuts on aid to Ukraine, stringent border security measures, and firm immigration restrictions.


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