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NATO is set to commence its largest military exercise in recent history. Dubbed “Steadfast Defender 24,” the exercise will involve approximately 90,000 personnel.

This significant demonstration of the alliance’s defensive capabilities will extend over several months, covering vast distances from the High North to Central and Eastern Europe.

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According to NATO officials, Steadfast Defender 24 is designed to be a robust deterrent against potential Russian aggression towards any NATO member state.

The exercise aims to demonstrate NATO’s capacity to handle complex, multi-domain operations over extended periods and distances, reinforcing the alliance’s commitment to the collective defense of the Euro-Atlantic area. US General Christopher Cavoli, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, emphasized the exercise’s role in showcasing the alliance’s unity, strength, and resolve to protect its members. Additionally, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee, highlighted the unprecedented scale of the exercise in terms of troop deployment across the alliance, including transatlantic reinforcement from North America to Europe.

The United Kingdom, through Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, has committed a significant contingent of 20,000 troops, supported by advanced fighter jets, surveillance planes, warships, and submarines, with deployments planned primarily in Eastern Europe from February to June.


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