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President Joe Biden, addressing recent tensions in the Red Sea, revealed over the weekend that the United States had sent a direct message to Iran concerning the Houthi rebels’ attacks on commercial shipping.

Before departing for Camp David, President Biden acknowledged direct communication with Iran. He added, “We delivered it privately, and we’re confident we’re well-prepared.” This development follows a series of heightened tensions following Houthi attacks on commercial shipping through the Red Sea and the subsequent military in Yemen against Houthi rebels.


The most recent strike, which targeted a Houthi radar station, came after previous American and British military actions targeting Houthi facilities in Yemen. White House spokesperson John Kirby outlined the impact of the initial strikes, stating they had significantly impaired the Houthis’ missile and drone capabilities, essential for their maritime attacks. Kirby also emphasized that the US does not seek a war with Yemen.

In addition to disclosing direct communication with Iran, President Biden, who had de-listed the Houthis from the State Department’s “foreign terrorist organizations” roster in 2021, said the group’s terrorist status should be reinstated, adding, “I think they are” when asked by a reporter.

Meanwhile, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi condemned the US air strikes in Yemen, criticizing the US for what he termed its “aggressive” nature. He added, “Such actions are rejected and condemned by the freedom-seeking nations of the world.”


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