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US congressional leaders have agreed on a two-part temporary funding measure, known as a “continuing resolution” or “CR,” to maintain federal government operations until early March, thereby averting a potential partial government shutdown.

A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer confirmed this development, adding that the text of the spending agreement is expected to be released online soon.

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The stopgap measure is designed to extend the funding deadlines for various federal agencies, with some facing a cutoff on January 19 and others, like the Department of Transportation and Defense Department, having a February 2 deadline. Earlier in January, Congressional leaders finalized a $1.59 trillion agreement for funding through the current fiscal year, but failing to pass it by January 19 would result in a partial shutdown of the federal government.

This short-term funding bill is being labeled as a “necessary step” to provide bipartisan negotiators from both the House and Senate additional time to finalize the full-year fiscal 2024 spending bills. Schumer, recognizing the urgency, initiated the first procedural steps in the Senate to pass the interim funding bill, aiming for early enactment this week to facilitate the passage of the complete annual bill.

The agreement comes after previous tension last fall when some House Republicans nearly caused a government shutdown due to disagreements over a similar bipartisan stopgap funding deal.


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