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The FBI has apprehended Ruby Celly Uribe, a California National Guard Army reservist, on charges related to leaking sensitive information about drug raids and illegal possession of a modified firearm.

Uribe, a 17-year Army veteran, was detained in Sacramento County on January 5, 2024, with the specific charge of possessing an unregistered short-barreled rifle. During her federal court appearance, she was released on a $25,000 bond despite the serious allegations detailed in a 17-page affidavit.

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According to the FBI’s investigation, Uribe engaged in activities that compromised military and law enforcement operations. She is accused of providing ammunition and operational intelligence about drug raids to an associate known to be involved in illegal drug activities. The affidavit by FBI Special Agent Deanna Williams highlights the gravity of the situation, noting that Uribe’s leaks could have endangered lives and missions.

Uribe faces charges concerning a modified .223-caliber Remington rifle found in her home, capable of firing in full-automatic mode. The investigation also revealed her involvement in attempting to sell an unserialized “ghost gun” and leaking operational plans to a recently retired military individual linked to a federal drug trafficking indictment.

The FBI also says Uribe engaged in unauthorized use of military assets and government credit cards for personal benefit.


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