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Japanese authorities and rescuers continue to search for survivors following the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Ishikawa prefecture on Monday, facing challenges from heavy rain, landslides, and ongoing aftershocks.

As of Wednesday, the regional government reported 62 confirmed fatalities and over 300 injuries and a warning that these numbers are likely to rise. The quake, originating off the Noto Peninsula, caused widespread destruction, including flattened houses in Suzu, fires in Wajima City, and severely damaged roads, complicating rescue efforts.


Over 31,800 individuals have sought shelter as local authorities, police, firefighters, and other units continue rescue operations, bolstered by additional personnel and rescue dogs. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida highlighted the urgency, noting, “More than 40 hours have passed since the disaster… there are people waiting for help.” Reaching remote areas involves ships and helicopters from Japan’s Self-Defence Forces.

Amidst the crisis, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) forecasts heavy rainfall, heightening the risk of further landslides.


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