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Russia launched a series of drone and missile strikes on Ukrainian “military targets” in Kyiv and Kharkiv, claiming retaliation for an attack on Belgorod.

The Russian defense ministry stated it targeted “decision-making centers and military installations” in Kharkiv, while Ukrainian officials reported damage to residential areas and civilian infrastructure, including a hotel and cafes.

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In the overnight assault, Kharkiv sustained significant damage, with at least 22 people injured and various buildings, including a kindergarten, hit by missiles. Ukraine’s Air Force reported most drones targeted the country’s first line of defense, along with civilian and military sites across several regions, successfully intercepting 21 of 49 attack drones. Amidst these attacks, Kharkiv’s mayor confirmed additional drone strikes on the city center, causing fires and vowing resilience against Russian intimidation efforts.

Russia, meanwhile, accused Ukraine of a “terrorist attack” on Belgorod, resulting in civilian casualties and prompting local officials to urge residents to seek shelter due to missile threats.


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