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Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has openly criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s bussing of migrants to his city and others around the United States.

In a statement, Mayor Johnson said, “The governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, is determined to continue to sow seeds of chaos. And last night, and several nights before, a number of buses continued to arrive in the city of Chicago throughout the country without any coordination. And now he’s taken on this very dangerous task of placing individuals on airplanes and flying them into our various cities.”

Abbott Johnson Split 1

Mayor Johnson added, “This is certainly a matter of, not just of our national security, but it’s the type of chaos that this governor is committed to administering. What we can’t have is a governor in the state of Texas, acting the way he is acting and quite frankly, the rogue buses that are being dropped off across this country in the middle of the night, leaving people with no real support at all, no coordination with the local municipalities.”

In response to the ongoing crisis, Johnson has proposed a city ordinance to provide structure and ensure proper coordination for the arrival of buses carrying migrants. According to the mayor, this plan aims to prevent individuals from being left in dangerous situations and promote a more organized approach to handling the influx of migrants.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has not directly responded to the criticism from Mayor Johnson. However, he has previously vowed to continue bussing migrants across the country, specifically to sanctuary cities, until “the Biden administration secures the southern border.”


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