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Senator Rick Scott of Florida has announced that his residence was the latest target of a “swatting” incident, a practice where perpetrators falsely report a significant emergency to provoke a heavy law enforcement response to an individual’s home.

In a statement, Senator Scott said, “Last night, while at dinner with my wife, cowards ‘swatted’ my home in Naples. These criminals wasted the time & resources of our law enforcement in a sick attempt to terrorize my family.”

Gov Rick Scott Beachfront Home

Swatting has become a new trend, recently affecting several public figures across the political spectrum. Notably, GOP Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Brandon Williams reported similar incidents during Christmas, as did Boston Mayor Michelle Wu. Congresswoman Greene has been targeted multiple times.

In response to the rising threat, the FBI initiated a national database earlier this year to monitor and track swatting incidents, following advocacy from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who highlighted the urgent need to address these “dangerous, disturbing and downright terrifying” attacks.


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