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A Panama-flagged commercial carrier en route to load grain struck a Russian mine in the Black Sea, resulting in injuries to two crew members. This incident, reported by Ukrainian officials on Thursday, is the most recent in a series of civilian maritime accidents attributed to the war between Russia and Ukraine.


In a statement, Ukraine’s southern military command said, “A Panama-flagged civilian vessel was blown up on an enemy sea mine in the Black Sea…The vessel lost its course and control, and a fire broke out on the upper deck.”

This incident comes roughly six months after Russia withdrew from a UN-mediated agreement that ensured the safe transit of Ukrainian grain shipments in the Black Sea. Russia says it pulled out of the deal after Ukraine attacked a key piece of infrastructure in Crimea.

In response to Russia pulling out, Ukraine has created alternate shipping routes along the Black Sea’s western shores. Despite these efforts, Ukrainian authorities say that Russian forces persistently deploy explosive devices near this critical passageway.


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