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Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has categorically denied US allegations that Tehran was responsible for attacking a chemical tanker in the Indian Ocean.


Damaged caused to the ship “MV Chem Pluto”

During a news conference, a ministry spokesperson branded the US claims as “entirely false,” asserting that the assertion of an Iran-launched drone striking a Japanese-owned tanker near India holds no merit.

The denial comes amid a series of maritime attacks, notably by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, targeting vessels in the Red Sea to allegedly pressure Israel into ceasing its actions in Gaza. Nasser Kanaani, the Ministry’s spokesperson, described the US accusations as “completely rejected and worthless,” suggesting they are tactics to divert attention and mask US support for Israeli activities in Gaza.


The incident in question involved the MV Chem Pluto, a Japanese-owned, “Israel-affiliated” tanker traveling from Saudi Arabia to India, which the US Pentagon reports was hit 200 nautical miles off the Indian coast. This marks the first instance of the US attributing a maritime attack outside the Red Sea directly to Iran, a nation it has consistently accused of deep involvement in regional hostilities.

Iran, however, maintains its stance of non-coordination with the Houthis, with Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri emphasizing the independence and strength of the resistance movement.


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