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Special counsel Jack Smith is advocating for the Supreme Court to promptly address former President Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution for election interference, challenging the notion that the matter should wait for a lower court’s review.

Smith’s urgent call comes as Trump suggests that the Supreme Court’s acceptance of the case would bypass the appeals process, with a hearing in the lower court scheduled for the coming month. However, Smith contends that swift action is necessary to resolve a pivotal constitutional question that has temporarily halted proceedings in a trial set for March 4.

In his recent filing, Smith emphasizes the need for an immediate and definitive decision from the Supreme Court, countering Trump’s proposal to allow the appellate process to unfold first. Smith said, “The public interest in a prompt resolution of this case favors an immediate, definitive decision by this Court.”

This stance comes as US District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan has paused the trial while Trump appeals her decision, which rejected his motions to dismiss the case based on claimed immunity as a former president and the argument that Senate impeachment proceedings preclude further prosecution.


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