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Israel has communicated to the Biden administration its desire for Hezbollah forces to be pushed approximately 6 miles away from the Israeli-Lebanese border. This request is part of a proposed diplomatic agreement aimed at de-escalating tensions with Lebanon.

During a meeting in Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant conveyed their stance on the matter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. They emphasized the “untenability” of displacing thousands of Israeli citizens due to the security situation across the border. Both Netanyahu and Gallant expressed Israel’s desire for a diplomatic solution that would push back Hezbollah forces, preventing them from threatening Israeli border communities or conducting raids similar to Hamas’s October 7 action. They also insisted that Hezbollah should not be allowed to return to positions along the border that Israel has destroyed in the last two months.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu R And Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant L Stand Side By Side

Austin, in response, acknowledged Israel’s concerns and promised to advocate for a peaceful resolution. He urged Israel to allow diplomatic efforts to proceed without exacerbating tensions. As part of the discussions, Austin also emphasized transitioning from high-intensity fighting to more precise, ground-based operations in Gaza, aiming to reduce civilian casualties, facilitate humanitarian aid, and lessen the risk of a broader regional conflict.

Israel Palestinians Us

During their press conference, Secretary Austin also pushed back on reports that the United States was giving a timeline to finish their military operations in Gaza. Austin said that he did not impose specific terms or timelines but did discuss a shift towards more “surgical operations” in Gaza.


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