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The White House is gearing up to issue one more military aid package to Ukraine before year-end, with National Security Spokesperson John Kirby indicating an imminent announcement.

In a statement, Kirby said, “When that is done, we’ll have no more replenishment authority available to us. Ukraine still needs our help, and it’s well past time for Congress to act and stand up for freedom and democracy and our own national security interests, which are very much at play.”

The end-of-year aid release comes amid White House warnings of a potential halt in military support to Ukraine without further Congressional action. The administration had previously sought approximately $100 billion in emergency funding, encompassing aid for various areas, including border security and assistance for allies in the Indo-Pacific, Israel, and Ukraine. Of this request, around $61 billion was earmarked for Ukraine, including $30 billion for military equipment from the Department of Defense.

The allocation of further aid hinges on Congressional approval, with the Republican-controlled House insisting on pairing Ukraine funding with immigration reforms. President Biden has expressed willingness to negotiate on border policy to secure support for Ukraine.


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