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The Biden administration is planning to invest nearly $700 million in constructing a new US Embassy in Ireland, replacing the current embassy in Dublin, and has also begun work on a new embassy complex in Saudi Arabia.

Congress received notification from the State Department about the purchase of the former ‘”Jury’s Hotel” in Dublin’s Ballsbridge neighborhood for $171 million. The total cost, including demolition, construction, and furnishing of the new chancery, is estimated at $688.8 million. The proposed site, covering 4.2 acres, is situated near the existing embassy, which is considered “outdated and inadequate” for current operational needs.

U.s. Embassy Chancery Building In Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

The current US embassy in Dublin (top), The new location of the US Embassy in Dublin (bottom)

Dublin Ballsbridge Hotel Picture 1

The new Dublin embassy, expected to house 189 employees by 2028, will feature the main embassy building, a residence for Marine guards, support facilities, and parking. While the completion date was not specified, this relocation has been in the works for over a decade, with Irish authorities approving necessary zoning changes last year.

Kfr Img 0640 Jp

US Embassy plan for Saudi Arabia

Additionally, the State Department has commenced construction of a new US embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on a 27.5-acre site acquired in early 2020. This project, along with the new US consulate in Jeddah and plans for another in Dhahran, represents an investment of over $1 billion.


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