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Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump have opposed the acceleration of the federal appeals court’s consideration of his immunity about January 6.

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Trump’s legal team argues that federal prosecutors are pushing for a quicker resolution to ensure a decision before the 2024 election. In their view, this represents an attempt to sway the election and disenfranchise Trump’s supporters. They claim, “This represents a blatant attempt to interfere with the 2024 presidential election and to disenfranchise the tens of millions of voters who support President Trump’s candidacy.”

Special Counsel Jack Smith has requested an expedited decision to align with the scheduled March 4 trial date. However, Trump’s attorneys argue that adhering to this timeline is unnecessary and could compromise a fair and thorough consideration of the case’s significant constitutional issues. They stated, “Aside from the prosecution’s unlawful partisan motives, there is no compelling reason that date must be maintained, especially at the expense of President Trump and the public’s overriding interest in ensuring these matters of extraordinary constitutional significance are decided appropriately.”

In addition to the appeal for a quick decision, Smith has asked the Supreme Court to review Trump’s presidential immunity concerning the alleged crimes. Trump’s team criticizes this request, suggesting it rushes the judiciary and prevents proper deliberation on complex legal questions.

The Supreme Court is expected to decide shortly on whether to hear Smith’s request. This follows the court’s history of promptly addressing high-profile presidential cases, as seen in past instances like the Watergate scandal and the 2000 Florida election case.


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