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The leader of the House Democratic Caucus, Representative Pete Aguilar, expressed disappointment on Tuesday over the Republicans’ decision not to arrange a full House meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to the Capitol.

House Democratic Caucus Speaks To The Media

Aguilar noted that while the Senate extended an invitation for a full meeting with Zelensky, the House Republicans, under Speaker Mike Johnson, did not follow suit. “It would have been nice if Speaker Johnson conveyed that, but he didn’t,” Aguilar said during a Capitol press briefing.

Congressman Aguilar, who attended a smaller meeting with Zelensky alongside other House Democratic lawmakers, including Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, described their discussion as “productive,” focusing on the current situation in Ukraine. He emphasized the commitment of the House Democratic Caucus to Ukraine’s fight for democracy and sovereignty. “We conveyed [that] the House Democratic Caucus stands with him, has stood with him, and will continue to,” he said. Aguilar highlighted the discussions about the effective use of resources provided to Ukraine and the progress made by the country in reclaiming territory previously occupied by Russian forces.

The backdrop of these remarks is the ongoing struggle in Congress to agree on new funding to assist Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia. This aid is part of a larger package that includes support for Israel, Taiwan, and humanitarian aid in Gaza but is stalled due to disagreements over US border security issues. Speaker Johnson remained firm on Republican demands, prioritizing border security before additional Ukraine aid. “These are our conditions because these are the conditions of the American people,” Johnson stated, urging action from the White House and Senate.


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