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Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stressed the significance of the stalled White House supplemental aid bill for Ukraine and Israel, warning of the satisfaction it would bring to US adversaries.

Secretary Blinken said, “I think the only people who’d be happy if the supplemental budget request is not voted on and approved by Congress are sitting in Moscow, sitting in Tehran, sitting in Beijing.” He also emphasized Ukraine’s “critical need” for defenses against Russian aggression.

The $111 billion emergency supplemental package, crucial for Ukraine and Israel, was blocked by Senate Republicans due to insufficient border security measures. The package, which also includes aid for the Indo-Pacific region and humanitarian support in Gaza, is pivotal for Ukraine, especially as the Biden administration announced a new $175 million military aid package for the country. Without Congressional approval, the US risks running out of funds for Ukraine by year’s end.

Highlighting the global implications of the aid package, Blinken pointed out that much of the assistance directly benefits US manufacturers. He urged Congress to act, noting the international support for Ukraine and the potential risks of Russian aggression beyond Ukraine. “Putin will be able to move forward with impunity. And we know he won’t stop in Ukraine,” Blinken warned, adding the possibility of an attack on a NATO ally, which could draw the US directly into the conflict.


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