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In a recent podcast interview on Moby Pod, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, opened up about the personal and political challenges he faces, particularly in the wake of his latest legal troubles.

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Just a day after being charged with tax crimes in California, Hunter spoke candidly about attacks he believes are aimed at undermining his father’s presidency. “What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to kill me, knowing that it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle, and so, therefore, destroying a presidency in that way,” he explained during the interview released on Friday.


Hunter Biden also touched upon the continuous nature of these attacks and their impact on his daily life. “I’ve stopped hoping for an end to this because as long as my dad is president of the United States, they’re not going to stop,” he stated, expressing the challenges of coping under such public scrutiny. He also recounted harassment he and his family have faced, including media intrusion during the pandemic.

This latest interview comes as Hunter Biden faces significant legal challenges, including three felony tax charges and six misdemeanor charges related to tax evasion and filing false returns. Additionally, he is under congressional scrutiny and has been subpoenaed for a deposition in the House’s impeachment inquiry into his father.

Hunter Biden has expressed a willingness to testify, but only in a public setting. The House GOP’s impeachment probe centers around Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma and allegations of the President’s involvement in his son’s foreign policy dealings, which the White House has consistently denied.


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