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More than 40 anonymous White House interns have appealed to President Biden for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In a letter first reported by NBC News, they expressed their concern about the “ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people” and urged the administration to support a ceasefire. The interns emphasized their aspirations to be future leaders and their commitment to remembering how the American people’s pleas have been received and, to date, unheeded.

The letter, signed by “40+” interns from various offices, including the Executive Office of the President and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, highlights the interns’ dissatisfaction with the current stance on the war. They criticized the administration’s support for only a humanitarian pause, stating that “anything other than a complete halt of Israel’s mass slaughter of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip will simply not suffice.” A source familiar with the letter noted that it was organized by Thara Nagajaran, who is not directly affiliated with the White House, and some interns reportedly expressed discomfort with the letter’s “formation.”

This comes as President Biden has consistently supported Israel, asserting its right to self-defense and advocating for aid in its war with Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by the US. His administration has rejected calls for a full ceasefire, opting instead for humanitarian pauses to facilitate aid and evacuation in Gaza.


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