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Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin recently disclosed that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will come to an end through a negotiated settlement.

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In his conversation with John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” radio show, Johnson highlighted the imbalance in the Russia-Ukraine war, noting Russia’s nuclear capabilities. He emphasized the need for a quick resolution to the conflict, stating, “The only way this war ends is in a negotiated settlement. Every day that goes by while this war continues, more Ukrainians die, citizens and soldiers, more Russian conscripts die… So, the sooner that they reach a negotiated settlement, the better from my standpoint.”

Johnson, who has extensive experience with Ukrainian affairs from his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed sympathy for the Ukrainian people and contempt for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Despite his sentiments, he believes that “Putin is not going to lose this war.”

Johnson also emphasized the urgency of ending the conflict, saying, “This war has to end. We’re not gonna like the result, but every day that goes by, we’re gonna like the result less.”


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