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The Biden administration is now warning Israel against extensive destruction in Gaza’s southern region, similar to what occurred in the north.

A senior US administration official, in a call with reporters, emphasized the necessity to avoid large-scale displacement in Gaza’s south, stating, “You cannot have the sort of scale of displacement that took place in the north replicated in the south.”

This statement came during discussions about escalating humanitarian aid in the area. Over 2 million people, the majority of Gaza’s population, now reside in the central and southern parts of the strip, which spans only 141 square miles. These displacements occurred after Israel’s response to Hamas’s attack on October 7, involving air and ground incursions.

The Biden administration is pushing for “areas of deconfliction” to protect civilian life and infrastructure. According to the official, these areas should exclude UN facilities and shelters from active military conflict.

This proposal comes as humanitarian groups are intensifying aid efforts in Gaza, addressing acute shortages of essentials like food, water, and fuel, following Hamas’s agreement to release hostages as part of a temporary ceasefire.

President Biden has faced pressure to curb Israel’s military actions but remains committed to the campaign’s objectives. “To reiterate what you’ve already heard from the president, we want the objectives of this campaign, the elimination of Hamas as a governing, as a threatening force in Gaza and the threat to Israel, ended,” said the official. This stance aligns with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vow to continue the war until Hamas is eliminated.


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