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The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group joined the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Republic of Korea Navy for a trilateral drill in the East China Sea.

The Japan Joint Staff Office (JSO) stated that this exercise “demonstrates the strong commitment of the three countries to secure a free and open international order based on the rule of law.”

The drill included the USS Carl Vinson, destroyers USS Kidd and USS Sterret, JMSDF destroyer JS Kirisame, and ROKN destroyer ROKS Sejong the Great.

Capt. Takayuki Maki, commander of Escort Division 4, remarked, “We practiced various high-end and tactical drills with the US Navy Carrier Strike Group, which has strong strike capability, and the ROK Navy’s Aegis ship, which has high air-defense capability to improve our tactical capabilities and strengthen cooperation with the two navies.”

Amidst heightened security concerns, North Korea’s state-run Pyongyang Times reported leader Kim Jong Un viewing satellite images of US government facilities and South Korean bases. These developments followed North Korea’s launch of a reconnaissance satellite on November 21.


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