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Russian forces are escalating their efforts to capture Avdiivka, a strategic town in eastern Ukraine, engaging in heavy fighting on multiple fronts.

Video reportedly filmed by a Russian soldier showing losses in Avdiivka.

Vitaliy Barabash, head of Avdiivka’s military administration, reported an increase in the intensity of clashes in the area. Speaking to Espreso TV, Barabash described the situation as “even tougher,” noting that Russian assaults are now coming from two additional sectors, including Donetsk and the industrial zone.

Avdiivka, which had a pre-war population of 32,000, now has fewer than 1,500 residents remaining, with not a single building left intact due to the prolonged conflict centered around its large industrial plant.

Despite the Russian offensive, Ukrainian forces have shown resilience. Barabash mentioned that Ukrainian troops recently pushed back Russian forces near the village of Stepove, northwest of Avdiivka. In addition, Ukrainian and Western military analysts report significant Russian losses, although these are rarely mentioned in official Russian military dispatches.

Video obtained showing Russian positions being hit by Ukrainian drones. 

Video obtained from a Ukrainian trench showing fighting between Russian soldiers and Ukrainians Troops. A Ukrainian soldier is injured (graphic)

Russian military bloggers acknowledged Ukrainian gains around Avdiivka last week. Current reports indicate that Russian troops have gained control of the industrial zone and are attempting to storm a coking plant.

The town of Avdiivka, captured briefly in 2014 by Russian-backed separatists, has been a focal point since Moscow’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Despite fortifications built around the town, the battle for Avdiivka remains intense, with neither side achieving a decisive victory.

Ukrainian military spokesperson Oleksandr Shtupun, speaking to, acknowledged the challenging weather conditions affecting drone operations but affirmed the resilience of Ukrainian forces in the region, emphasizing their determination to continue fighting despite the adverse conditions.


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