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Russia has imposed entry bans on several Moldovan officials, responding to Moldova’s actions against Russian media outlets.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement following the summoning of Moldovan Ambassador Lilian Darie, expressing strong protest over what it described as “politically motivated persecution of Russian media in Moldova.” This decision to bar entry to certain Moldovan officials comes amidst escalating tensions and mutual accusations between the two countries, particularly over Moldova’s pro-European government’s efforts to join the European Union and allegations of Russia meddling in Moldova’s internal affairs.

Moldova’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Igor Zaharov responded to these measures, affirming Moldova’s commitment to defending its media space against external interference. “…We are committed to continuing our defense of our information space from any outside interference and uphold our firm position against disinformation, hybrid attacks, and attempts to destabilize the situation in Moldova,” Zaharov stated on Moldova-1 television.

This follows Moldova’s recent suspension of licenses and barring access to 30 media sites, some of which are Russian-based, on the grounds of spreading disinformation.


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