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Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer, in a recent interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” discussed the ongoing efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas.

Finer said, “We are closer than we have been in quite some time, maybe closer than we have been since the beginning of this process to getting this deal done.” He indicated that the negotiations, though not finalized, have seen significant progress, with some areas of disagreement being narrowed.

Finer emphasized the cautious nature of the negotiations, saying, “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” While not offering extensive details, he mentioned that the number of hostages potentially being released is “considerably more than 12.” However, when asked about the specifics of these hostages, including if they were women and children, Finer refrained from commenting to avoid jeopardizing the deal’s completion.

The Deputy National Security Adviser also chose not to confirm whether a prisoner exchange was part of the discussions, stating, “We believe it is not actually helpful to getting this deal across the line.”


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