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Protestors advocating for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict disrupted a California Democratic Party (CDP) convention in Sacramento, California.

On Saturday evening, demonstrators breached the event’s security, temporarily preventing delegates and attendees from entering or exiting the convention venue. Carrying “Free Palestine” signs and chanting “cease-fire now,” the protestors made their presence felt throughout the convention hall.

The protestors also directed criticism toward President Biden, labeling him “Genocide Joe” and condemning the bombing of hospitals and children. Naomi Goldman, a board member of Democrats for Israel California, shared with the LA Times the discomfort caused by the protestors’ chants, particularly “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” She said there was distress felt by Jewish-born delegates at the convention, expressing a desire for the party to address hate speech and violence targeting the Jewish community and to denounce the disruption caused by the delegates.

This protest at the CDP convention mirrors similar demonstrations at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC, where protestors clashed with police and prompted an evacuation of lawmakers. Additionally, pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Boston obstructed traffic on a university bridge to influence Senator Elizabeth Warren’s stance on the issue.


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