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The United States and the United Kingdom imposed new sanctions on Tuesday against Hamas, aiming to disrupt the funding channels of the Palestinian militant group in response to its recent attack on Israel.

The US Treasury Department’s latest sanctions target prominent Hamas officials and the support mechanisms provided by Iran to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), another militant group. Meanwhile, the UK has sanctioned four senior Hamas leaders and two financiers, as announced by its Foreign Office.

These actions are part of a concerted effort to weaken Hamas’s financial infrastructure and prevent the group from acquiring funds for its activities. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, “The United States will continue to work with our partners, including the UK, to deny Hamas the ability to raise and use funds to carry out its atrocities. Hamas’s actions have caused immense suffering and shown that terrorism does not occur in isolation. Together with our partners, we are decisively moving to degrade Hamas’s financial infrastructure, cut them off from outside funding, and block the new funding channels they seek to finance their heinous acts.”

The US also released guidance on humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, ensuring that the sanctions on Hamas do not hinder assistance efforts. The guidance clarifies permissible transactions supporting NGO activities in Gaza, even in areas controlled by Hamas, and specifies that US measures do not impose an embargo on Gaza or the West Bank.


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