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Pennsylvania State Senator Tracy Pennycuick has introduced legislation aimed at encouraging employers to hire members of the Pennsylvania National Guard by offering a $1,000 tax credit.

Pennycuick, a US Army combat veteran, believes this initiative will help boost the employment prospects of Guard members and provide businesses access to individuals with unique skills. The bill is introduced against the backdrop of declining recruitment and retention rates in the Guard, which could impact its ability to fulfill its state and federal duties.

The proposed tax credit would apply to businesses hiring active Pennsylvania Guard members or supporting current employees who enlist or re-enlist in the Guard and can be used to reduce income or corporate net income tax liabilities.

Support for the bill is bipartisan, with Senators Maria Collett, Katie Muth, and Vincent Hughes co-sponsoring the legislation.

The National Guard, comprising citizen soldiers who serve both their state and nation, is a vital resource in times of emergencies. They typically train one weekend a month and two weeks per year and can be called upon by the governor or the president for various duties.


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