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Authorities have arrested a former Army sergeant for issuing threats to kill military and law enforcement personnel at California’s Fort Irwin.

Christian Ernest Beyer, 41, has been charged with making interstate threats, a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison. The indictment follows a series of YouTube videos targeting officials at the base.

The indictment outlines Beyer’s threats in a video, demanding resignations at Fort Irwin and declaring his capability to bypass security measures to carry out his threats. Beyer also called for specific people to resign from their positions, or he would kill them. In one video, Beyer said, “I’m calling out the people that forced me out. Go ahead and fucking hang it up or you’re harboring those police like you’ve already done before and I will fucking come and hunt you.”

Despite his statements, his social media profiles remained active, with incriminating videos still accessible.

More on Beyer’s background:
Beyer’s military history dates back to August 2000, when he served as an armor crewman until March 2023. His tenure included three deployments to Iraq and two to Kuwait. Details of his service record and the circumstances of his discharge remain undisclosed, though a 2022 court-martial resulted in his demotion. His alleged history of violent and belligerent behavior escalated with an April 2021 arrest for assaulting his wife at Fort Irwin.


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