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The United States has initiated drone surveillance operations over Gaza following an attack by Hamas on October 7.

According to statements made by two anonymous US officials, these intelligence-gathering drones have been in operation for more than a week with the objective of pinpointing the locations of hostages believed to be held within Hamas’ tunnel networks. The drones have also been operating over Gaza since the early days of the conflict.

This comes as concerns continue to rise over the fate of 10 missing Americans, thought to be among the over 200 hostages taken by Hamas during the conflict.

Since the conflict began, the city of Gaza has become a focal point of the Israeli military efforts. Israeli forces have effectively sealed off the area, urging civilians to evacuate as they continue their mission to dismantle Hamas’ leadership.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, Israeli retaliatory strikes and ground operations have led to numerous casualties in Gaza, with thousands of women and children being killed.


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