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Donald Trump Jr. took the stand on Wednesday, distancing himself from the fraudulent financial documents at the heart of a trial against the Trump Organization.

During a 90-minute testimony, Trump Jr. stated his involvement with the company’s accounting was limited to providing cash-flow figures, emphasizing his lack of direct engagement in preparing the statements of financial condition, central to the prosecution’s case.

Trump Jr., a defendant alongside his father and brother, Eric, clarified his role within the company, indicating that he may not have known the full extent of how the financial information he provided was utilized. “They could have asked me on any given day what a deal was worth,” he testified. The trial continues to probe the extent of his involvement, with his brother Eric set to follow on the witness stand, and their sister Ivanka Trump expected to testify on Friday.

The lawsuit, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, seeks substantial fines and operational bans against the Trump family, alleging inflated asset valuations to secure favorable loan terms. With Judge Arthur Engoron having ruled the Trump Organization’s practices fraudulent, the family faces significant legal and financial repercussions, including the potential dissolution of companies integral to Trump’s real estate ventures.

Meanwhile, Trump, leading in polls for the Republican presidential nomination, confronts multiple legal challenges and maintains his innocence amid accusations of political bias from the prosecuting parties.


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