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As Israel intensifies its military operations in Gaza, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated on Sunday that the specifics of concluding the conflict rest primarily with Israel, despite ongoing US counsel.

In a “Face the Nation” interview, Sullivan communicated the US’s advisory role in Israel’s current military stance against Hamas, underlining the autonomy Israel holds in its operational decisions. He said, “Well, they have declared they have told us in broad terms that making sure that Hamas can never again threaten Israel in the way it threatened Israel before is their core strategic objective in this conflict.” He added, “But in terms of what the specific milestones are, that is something that ultimately is up to Israel, this is their military operation, they will make that decision.”

The adviser pledged continued US engagement in discussions regarding the strategic alignment and evolution of the military campaign.

Sullivan further stressed US concerns regarding civilian casualties, advising Israel to minimize civilian harm in Gaza.

Israel’s escalating ground operations in the region are continuing to raise concerns about the well-being of civilians and hostages held by Hamas. Since the onset of the conflict, sparked by Hamas’s raid on Israel in early October, the group kidnapped over 200 people, with only a few released to date.


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