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Ukraine anticipates unchanged US support despite the election of Mike Johnson, known for his critical stance on Ukraine aid, as the new speaker of the House of Representatives.

Johnson, ascending to the speakership on Wednesday, clarified his position by advocating continued assistance for Ukraine “with conditions” emphasizing accountability and defined objectives from the White House.

Responding to this development, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, welcomed the end of the House’s three-week leadership hiatus, expressing confidence in sustained bilateral cooperation. “I’m more than sure that cooperation will continue, assistance will continue,” he asserted during a broadcast, acknowledging the natural course of aid review and affirming Ukraine’s readiness for transparency.

Ukraine’s reliance on international partners is significant in both military and economic domains. Recent suggestions from certain US officials to reassess or reduce aid to Kyiv have sparked apprehensions about its continuance.

This comes after President Biden’s recent request to Congress to approve a substantial funding package encompassing aid for Ukraine. The call from Biden has faced pushback from some members of Congress, further complicating the possibility of Ukrainian aid being passed.


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