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In light of the Pentagon’s recent report on China’s military advancements, the Kremlin said on Wednesday that it remains undisturbed by China’s bolstering of its nuclear capabilities, emphasizing Moscow’s close ties and Beijing’s right to defend its interests.

The Pentagon’s disclosure reveals that China has initiated the use of nuclear-powered guided missile submarines. This strategic move places China on a par with the US and Russia, previously the only nations with such maritime capabilities.

Responding to the development, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson, stated, “This does not cause us concern, our relations are an advanced strategic partnership.” Peskov further highlighted the deep-rooted political and economic collaboration between the two nations and added, “China, which faces very serious challenges for its own security in the region, is taking steps that it considers appropriate. This is the absolute sovereign right of this country.”

This comes as the strengthening bond between Russia and China grows, especially after Western sanctions were imposed on Moscow due to its troop deployment in Ukraine in February 2022.


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