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Israel executed an airstrike on the Al-Ansar Mosque in Jenin, West Bank, citing its use by militants as a command center.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that the mosque functioned as a “command center to plan and execute terrorist attacks against civilians.” According to the IDF, their operation zeroed in on an underground pathway beneath the mosque, which housed a Hamas “terrorist cell” linked to recent attacks and had plans for imminent strikes.

Images released by the IDF

The aftermath of this particular strike left at least one Palestinian dead and three others injured.

While Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are more frequent, such operations in the West Bank are uncommon. In related developments, Syrian state media reported Israeli airstrikes targeting international airports in Damascus and Aleppo earlier on Sunday, resulting in at least one casualty.

The escalating conflict has resulted in over 1,400 Israeli deaths since the significant attacks on October 7. The Gaza Health Ministry states that Palestinian deaths are approximately 4,385, with 13,561 others injured. These mounting numbers have sparked worldwide protests, with many rallying against the civilian casualties and urging a ceasefire.


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