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The US has shared an intelligence report indicating Moscow’s intent to compromise global democratic elections.

The recently disclosed intelligence assessment, distributed to over 100 countries, highlights that Moscow, backed by high-ranking officials including the Kremlin, employs espionage, state-controlled media, and social media to diminish public confidence in democratic elections globally. The document explicitly states, “This is a global phenomenon,” further emphasizing that the Russian government “sees value in this type of influence operation and perceives it to be effective.”

In addition, the report details how, between 2020 and 2022, Russia’s operations specifically aimed to damage public trust in around 11 elections in nine democracies. Tools in their arsenal included:

  • Various overt and covert techniques like instigating protests on election day.
  • Intimidating election personnel.
  • Using media platforms to propagate doubt about electoral integrity.

A senior State Department representative inferred that Moscow’s perceived success in magnifying misinformation about the 2020 US election and the pandemic has possibly spurred these intensified efforts.


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