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Russia’s government released a list prioritizing Russian and Chinese car brands for state official use.

On Friday, the Industry and Trade Ministry clarified that the car recommendation list for state and municipal workers arose from President Vladimir Putin’s directives. The ministry mentioned, “To date, domestic companies have already produced a wide range of models… that are able to meet the needs of various levels of official.” All listed manufacturers have promised increased local production, underpinning their special investment pacts with the government.

Russian brands on the list include five Lada models by Avtovaz, UAZ, Aurus, Moskvich, and Evolute electric vehicles. Additionally, five models from Chinese carmaker Haval, which has been operating in Russia since 2019, also made the list.

Since the Ukraine conflict, China’s automobile brands have gained prominence in Russia, especially after several international companies like Renault and Nissan exited the Russian market. As global sentiments push the West to distance itself from Russia, the country responds by pulling away from Western brands. This shift became evident earlier when officials prepping for the 2024 presidential elections were advised to avoid Apple iPhones due to potential security vulnerabilities linked to Western intelligence.


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