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Some of this content includes graphic images and video. Extreme Viewer Discretion Advised. 

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Due to the length of this thread, we’ve had to make a new one for events occuring from 10/17 to current. Click here to see the new thread. Everything you see below is from 10/7 – 10/16.

Previous Day: 10/16/23

8:04 PM PDT: The Commander of United States Central Command (CENTCOM), General Michael Kurilla, arrived in Tel Aviv this morning for high-level meetings with Israeli Chief of General Staff, Herzi Halevi, and other defense and military officials. General Kurilla has stated that his main goal for this visit is to assess Israel’s urgent military aid requirements and explore strategies to prevent other nations and groups from becoming involved in the ongoing conflict.

5:30 PM PDT: The United Nations Security Council has rejected a draft resolution put forth by the Russian Federation. This resolution called for a ceasefire in Gaza, the release of hostages, the delivery of humanitarian aid, and the condemnation of all attacks on civilians and terrorism worldwide. It’s noteworthy that the group known as “Hamas” was not mentioned in the resolution. The vote failed, with only five members in favor of the resolution (Russia, China, UAE, Gabon, and Mozambique), four against it (the United States, Britain, France, and Japan), and six abstentions (Albania, Brazil, Ghana, Malta, Switzerland, and Ecuador).

4:58 PM PDT: Secretary of State Antony Blinken has confirmed that President Biden will arrive in Israel on Wednesday.

4:10 PM PDT: The Israeli Security Cabinet, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, is meeting in a closed session to deliberate on two draft resolutions concerning the ongoing situation and the future of the Gaza Strip.

3:35 PM PDT:Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon says “take the warnings issued by the Iranian Foreign Minister seriously.”

3:03 PM PDT: The IDF has killed Osama Mazini, the head of the Shura Council of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Mazini was responsible for Hamas prisoners and directed attacks against Israel

2:48 PM PDT: Israel’s military has reportedly dropped phosphorus bombs in Lebanon close to the border.

2:30 PM PDT:Netanyahu tells Putin in a phone call that Israel won’t stop its Gaza operation until it “destroys Hamas’ military and governmental capabilities.”

2:03 PM PDT: A US Marine rapid response force, comprising 2,000 Marines and sailors, is en route to the waters off the coast of Israel, as reported by defense officials familiar with the planning. This deployment is part of a broader effort to increase the presence of US warships and forces in the region. The aim is to send a message of deterrence to Iran and prevent the conflict in Gaza from escalating into a broader regional conflict.

1:35 PM PDT: Secretary of State Antony Blinken has urged Netanyahu to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza in order to maintain international support for IDF’s ground operation. Israel’s political-security cabinet is discussing the issue now.

1:11 PM PDT: The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, has warned that if a ground invasion of Gaza were to take place, Iran would “open up the gates of hell” against Israel.

12:56 PM PDT: The Foreign Minister of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, stated today that the chance for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Israel is rapidly diminishing and that the possibility of the conflict expanding is becoming increasingly likely.

12:13 PM PDT: Various graphic video we’ve obtained from the Initial attack on Israel by Hamas. This thread will also include video of victims from IDF airstrikes in Gaza. Viewer Discretion advised:

11:46 AM PDT: Sources within the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have reportedly informed the Jerusalem Post that one of the primary reasons for the delayed invasion of the Gaza Strip has been the growing concern that Hezbollah may join the conflict shortly after the invasion commences. The IDF Northern Command has been taking measures to ensure that forces along the Lebanese border are fully prepared for a major outbreak of hostilities, and this preparation is said to be nearing completion.

11:03 AM PDT: The Foreign Minister of Turkey, Hakan Fidan, engaged in a phone conversation today with the Head of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, to discuss the treatment and potential release of Israeli and foreign hostages currently held by the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

9:16 AM PDT: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a phone call today to discuss the ongoing conflict against Hamas and the situation in the surrounding region.

7:53 AM PDT: The US Department of Defense has reportedly put approximately 2,000 US troops on a “prepare-to-deploy” status for potential non-combat operations in Israel. These operations are said to involve medical support and advising on ground movements. These troops are currently stationed in both the Middle East and Europe and are capable of deploying to Israel and surrounding countries within the next week if needed. It’s emphasized that they will not be engaged in combat operations, and no infantry units have been placed on a “prepare-to-deploy” status at this time.

7:01 AM PDT: The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has announced that they have initiated artillery strikes in southern Lebanon after their troops along the border were attacked by militants.

6:53 AM PDT: Explosions have been reported along the Lebanese border, with Israeli artillery said to be actively shelling several targets across the border in southern Lebanon. As a precautionary measure, all Israeli residents within 2 kilometers of the border with Lebanon have been instructed to seek shelter and lock all doors and windows.

6:20 AM PDT: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning to Iran and Hezbollah today, indicating that the IDF is fully prepared for military operations in the South. He also emphasized their readiness to confront any developments in the North, warning, “Don’t test us in the North because the price you will pay will be heavy.”

5:59 AM PDT: President Biden has cancelled a visit to Colorado that was originally scheduled for today because of “national security meetings.”

5:15 AM PDT: Israeli Merkava Mark IV Main Battle Tanks stationed at staging points near the Gaza Strip have been observed equipped with Top Slat Armor, also referred to as “Cope Cages.” These adaptations have gained popularity due to their effective use in the conflict in Ukraine, where they were employed on Russian and Ukrainian tanks. The Top Slat Armor serves to enhance the top protection of the tanks, addressing vulnerabilities to artillery, drones, and anti-tank guided missiles.

4:33 AM PDT: The Lebanese Army has announced that they conducted a military operation in southern Lebanon this morning, during which they discovered over 20 Hezbollah missile/rocket launchers in the vicinity of the towns of Qalila and Al-Sha’iyat. These launchers were reportedly aimed towards northern Israel. The Lebanese Army has stated that explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams are currently in the process of dismantling these launch sites.

Previous Day: 10/15/23

11:00 PM PDT: The Israeli Ministry of Defense, in conjunction with the IDF, has declared their readiness to enforce an evacuation order for any town or city located within 2 kilometers of the Lebanon-Israel border in northern Israel. This evacuation order comes in response to ongoing clashes and escalations in the northern region involving the IDF and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

10:15 PM PDT: US defense officials have reportedly dissuaded the Israeli government from carrying out a preemptive strike on Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. They have assured Israel that U.S. naval assets in the Eastern Mediterranean, including the USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier (CVN-78), will provide military assistance in the event that Hezbollah launches a major attack against Israel.

9:11 PM PDT: The Israeli Defense Force has reported that Lieutenant Amitay Zvi Granot, an officer of the 7th Armored Brigade, lost his life yesterday on the Lebanese border. He was struck by an Anti-Tank Guided Missile launched by Hezbollah terrorists.

7:20 PM PDT: Image released by the IDF showing Hamas officials who have been killed since the IDF launched strikes on Gaza.

2:44 PM PDT: Video showing IDF APCs being positioned near the Gaza Strip.

2:00 PM PDT: During a phone call with President Biden, President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine said the attacks by Hamas on Israel do not represent the Palestinian people. He also condemned their attacks and stressed the need for a ceasefire due to heavy civilian casualties.

1:32 PM PDT: Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdallah Bou Habib, has said that the Lebanese government has “no control” over Hezbollah. This follows a previous statement by the Israeli Defense Minister accusing Lebanon of being responsible for recent clashes on the Israel-Lebanon border.

11:42 AM PDT: Direct Source: American Death toll reportedly at 30. Editor note 2:30 PM PDT: US now confirms American death toll is 30

10:13 AM PDT: Video released by the IDF showing an unmanned Defense Turret firing on Hamas militants after attempting to make their way to the fence. This video is from October 7 (just surfaced now).

9:55 AM PDT: Video obtained from a Traffic Security Camera near Sderot, Israel shows the moment Hamas militants ambushed Israeli civilians who were driving nearby. This happened on the first day of the attack.

9:23 AM PDT: There’s been a reported infiltration near the City of Zikim (located north of the Gaza Strip). Israeli officials have advised citizens in the area to lock their doors.

9:11 AM PDT: The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has announced that their Headquarters in Southern Lebanon was hit by an unknown rocket. Official statement: “Today we are observing intense exchanges of fire in several areas along the Blue Line between Lebanese territory and Israel. There have been impacts on both sides of the Blue line. Our headquarters in Naqoura was hit with a rocket and we are working to verify from where. Our peacekeepers were not in shelters at the time. Fortunately, no one was hurt. We continue to actively engage with authorities on both sides of the Blue Line to de-escalate the situation, but regrettably despite our efforts military escalation continues. We urge all the parties involved to cease fire and allow us, as peacekeepers, to help find solutions.”

9:01 AM PDT: IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi met with IDF soldiers in the south of the country. He said, “Our responsibility now is to enter Gaza, to go to the places where hamas is preparing, acting, planning, and launching. Attack them everywhere, every commander, every operative, to destroy infrastructure. In one word, to win.”

8:45 AM PDT: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says an agreement has been reached which will soon allow the opening of the Rafah Border Crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt for Americans and other Foreign National to Evacuate.

8:30 AM PDT: IDF shows off weapons recovered from Hamas militants following their attack on southern Israel last weekend.

7:20 AM PDT: Video obtained from a dead Hamas militant shows the moment he was shot and killed after raiding an Israeli town on the first day of the attack last week.

Previous Day

3:48 PM PDT:French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly issued a warning to Iran and Hezbollah against getting involved with the war between Israel and Hamas.

3:00 PM PDT: The US State Department has announced that the 29 Americans died after the attacks from Hamas. They add that 15 Americans are still missing.

1:36 PM PDT: According to Al-Mayadeen, two missiles targeted the Aleppo International Airport in Syria.

12:33 PM PDT: According to Israeli media: “the Iranian Foreign Minister told the UN envoy that Iran is not interested in turning the conflict in Gaza into a regional war and wants to bring about the release of the kidnapped citizens. However, he emphasized that Iran has red lines and will be forced to respond if the IDF’s operation in Gaza continues. The UN envoy delivered the words to the head of the National Assembly.”

12:26 PM PDT: IDF says it is currently striking positions in Syria where the rocket originated from.

12:04 PM PDT: Reports of 1 rocket fired from Syria that was intercepted over the Golan heights.

10:36 AM PDT: Israeli state media claiming the ground assault on Gaza will begin tonight.

10:20 AM PDT: IDF movement continues to increase around the country as rumors continue that the IDF will officially launch its ground assault on Gaza today.

10:01 AM PDT: A US Air Force Boeing RC-135V Rivet Joint aircraft is currently conducting surveillance operations over the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Gaza Strip.

9:48 AM PDT:IDF spokesperson says that Hezbollah (based in Lebanon) has around 130,000 rockets pointed at Israel.

9:27 AM PDT: IDF says that an Israeli officer was killed last night after a “friendly fire” accident near the city of Qalqilya.

9:19 AM PDT: US Defense Officials have told the Israeli government that naval ships in the Mediterranean will shoot down incoming missiles launched from Lebanon if Hezbollah (or any other militant faction) decides to attack Israel during its ground assault on Gaza. The US has also identified numerous locations where pro-Iranian groups operate in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

9:00 AM PDT: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met IDF soldiers in southern Israel today and said “Are you ready for the next stage?” He added, “The next stage is coming.”

8:53 AM PDT: The IDF will deploy the “Iron Beam” Laser Point-Defense System. This will be the first time the system has been deployed.

7:45 AM PDT: An agreement between the United States and Egypt that would allow 500 Americans and thousands of foreign nationals believed to be trapped in Gaza the ability to cross into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing has collapsed after Israel and the United States refused to allow Egyptian aid to reach Gaza.

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7:01 PM PDT: The United States has repositioned 24 F-15E Strike Eagles that were stationed in the United Kingdom and have repositioned them to Salti Air Base in Jordan.

5:03 PM PDT: IDF Statement: “A short time ago, the IDF attacked a Hezbollah target in southern Lebanon in response to the infiltration of unidentified vessels that were intercepted and the shooting that was carried out at an unmanned IDF aircraft. The launch at the aircraft was intercepted”

4:55 PM PDT: Video showing what appears to be Israeli special forces entering Beit Omer.  More to come

3:13 PM PDT: In the last hour, there has been a significant uptick of IDF movement near the border of Gaza. 

3:02 PM PDT: Lufthansa has suspended all flights to the Lebanese capital of Beirut due to “deteriorating security conditions.”

2:42 PM PDT: Footage obtained from a hospital in Gaza. Extreme Viewer Discretion Advised

2:07 PM PDT: Egyptian Officials are “close” to finalizing a deal with the United States that will allow the evacuation of foreign nationals in Gaza through Egypt. This will not impact any Palestinians unless they have dual-citizenship with another country.

1:30 PM PDT: US official have told Al Jazeera that Marines scheduled to train in Kuwait have been pulled back from training due to the deteriorating situation in Israel/Gaza. Quote: “The Marine Expeditionary Unit has halted its training in Kuwait, remaining on alert in response to ongoing developments.”

1:11 PM PDT: The news website “Middle East Eye” says they have lost contact with two of their journalists in Gaza. According to the news outlet, they have not been able to contact Maha Hussaini and Mohammed al-Hajjar in the last 24 hours. 

12:55 PM PDT: A senior Egyptian security official has told the Associated Press that Egypt has taken “unprecedented measures” to prevent a breach to its borders with Gaza. Thousands of security forces have been deployed at their border.

12:11 PM PDT: Doctors without Borders: “Israeli forces have now postponed the demand to evacuate Al-Awda Hospital until 6am.”

11:40 AM PDT: Netanyahu press release takeaways:
“We will eliminate Hamas and it will take time.”
“We are united in the war we are fighting.”
“We are striking our enemies with unprecedented force, and this is the beginning.”
“We will not allow the world to forget the catastrophe that occurred.”
“We will eliminate Hamas and it will take time, but we will prevail.”
“I met with the US Secretary of Defense to secure the required weapons.”
“Our enemies have begun to pay the price, and this is only the beginning.”

11:15 AM PDT: The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement warning against travel to or being near the border with Jordan, Egypt, and the Sinai Peninsula.

11:00 AM PDT: Al-Awda Hospital in the Gaza Strip has reportedly been told by the Israeli Defense Force that they have 2 hours to totally evacuate.

11:28 AM PDT: Saudi Foreign Ministry: “We affirm our condemnation of the continued targeting of defenseless civilians in Gaza”

10:41 AM PDT: Hezbollah statement regarding clashes with the IDF on the Lebanese border: “The heinous crime of killing lebanese citizens and residents will not go unpunished.”

9:06 AM PDT: A video has emerged showing the stabbing attack of an Israeli embassy worker in Beijing. According to officials, “an  Israeli employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing was attacked today. The employee is being treated at hospital and is in stable condition. The motive for the assault is being looked into.” Chinese officials have also released a statement saying, “China expresses condolences to the injured party from the Israeli embassy in China. China has always placed high importance on the safety of foreign missions and their workers in the country, and will continue to provide security guarantees.”

8:44 AM PDT: Footage from inside a Gaza Hospital

8:31 AM PDT:Hezbollah has taken credit for attacks on several locations utilized by the Israeli Defense Force along the Lebanese border. They also claim that they were able to cause casualties.

8:04 AM PDT: Carmen Joukhadar and Eli Brakhia, both journalists affiliated with Al-Jazeera, sustained injuries in an explosion that appears to have been caused by an Israeli artillery shell striking their vehicle in the town of Alma Al-Shaab in southern Lebanon. 1 other journalist reportedly died. Lebanese Defense Sources say the were likely hit by a missile fired from an AH-64 “Apache” Attack Helicopter.

7:19 AM PDT: Soldiers from the United Nations Interim Force in Southern Lebanon have purportedly received orders to seek refuge in bomb shelters as a result of the escalating intensity from cross-border hostilities and artillery exchanges.

7:11 AM PDT: Lebanese media outlets are reporting ongoing artillery exchanges between the Lebanese Army and the Israeli Defense Force along the border.

7:01 AM PDT: The Israeli Government is finalizing an Executive Order under the Power of the War Cabinet that will result in the removal of the Qatari-State owned New Network “Al-Jazeera” from Israel due to their Support for Hamas.

6:33 AM PDT: Footage we’ve obtained showing armed men shooting at Israeli forces in Shuweika.

6:14 AM PDT: Footage reportedly showing a Palestinian journalist who was killed by an Israeli airstrike near Gaza.

5:59 AM PDT: Footage reportedly shows armed Israelis shooting a Palestinian man near Masafer Yatta (Hebron city).

5:33 AM PDT: Footage reportedly shows Palestinians shooting what appears to be fireworks / some firebombing devices at Israeli forces. One of the men involved is shot and killed by IDF forces.

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8:05 PM PDT: The Israeli Ministry of Defense has officially notified the United Nations to evacuate their staff and other personnel from Gaza. In addition, they’ve informed the United Nations to tell Palestinians who are still living in Gaza to evacuate immediately. They say evacuations need to be done within the next 24 hours.

7:00 PM PDT: The IDF has reportedly conducted an overnight raid that has led to the arrest of the speaker of the Palestinian legislative council and a senior Hamas leader (Aziz Dweik). Dweik has been recognized by some palestinians as the Interim-President of the Palestinian National Authority.

4:33 PM PDT: Updated casualties: 
Israel: 1,300 killed, 3,418 injured
Gaza: 1,569 killed, 7,212 injured

4:11 PM PDT: Video coming out of Gaza showing multiple Israeli airstrikes.

2:20 PM PDT: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has stated today while in Beirut that there is a possibility for additional Fronts to be Opened against the Israel.

2:00 PM PDT: Human Rights Watch has officially accused the Israeli government of using white phosphorus in military operations in Gaza and Lebanon.

1:33 PM PDT: The Iranian aircraft likely carrying Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has just landed at Beirut International Airport in Lebanon after taking off earlier from Baghdad, Iraq.

11:44 AM PDT: Iranian government aircraft has departed Iraq and is heading west. Unclear what final destination is.

11:14 AM PDT: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will travel to Israel tomorrow and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This comes after Secretary Blinken met with Netanyahu today.

10:33 AM PDT: The IDF is now evacuating 30,000 people from the city of Sderot. Rumors swirling that the city will be used as a staging ground for the IDF. There’s also been significant movement of IDF military equipment to the region.

9:59 AM PDT: The shooting at the Police Station in Jerusalem has resulted in 2 police officers being injured and the death of a Hamas militant.

9:38 AM PDT: The British Ministry of Defense has announced that the RFA Argus (A135) a Primary-Casualty Receiving Ship and the RFA Lyme Bay (L3007) a Bay-Class Landing Ship will head to the Eastern Mediterranean.

9:22 AM PDT: Shots reportedly fired at the Shalem Police Station in Jerusalem. Unclear on the number of injured… More to come.

8:31 AM PDT: The IDF has released images of dead babies and what appears to be charred remains of a young child or infant (unable to identify). This comes after some have questioned reports from the Israeli media if claims of 40 children being “butchered” was true.

7:42 AM PDT: The Chairman of the Israeli Opposition Party, Yair Lapid has announced that he will not be Joining the United Emergency Government as it is not a United Government and is “Full of Extremists” while also being, “A Mistake in the Judgment of Gantz and Eisenkot.”

7:42 AM PDT: The Chairman of the Israeli Opposition Party, Yair Lapid has announced that he will not be Joining the United Emergency Government as it is not a United Government and is “Full of Extremists” while also being, “A Mistake in the Judgment of Gantz and Eisenkot.”

Previous Day

8:49 PM PDT: Footage out of Jenin shows armed men chanting after clashes with IDF forces. 

8:05 PM PDT: Footage out of Jenin shows clashes between Palestinians/Militants (unable to identify group) and IDF members. 

7:03 PM PDT: The Israeli Defense Force has announced that they have launched an extensive attack on many Hamas targets in the Gaza strip. As of right now, Israel is currently striking Gaza and the amount of strikes has intensified. 

6:46 PM PDT: IDF spokesperson believes that the USS Gerald Ford Carrier Strike Group will position itself off the coast of Lebanon & Northern Israel.

6:24 PM PDT: US Marines 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) has departed early from a scheduled exercise with Kuwait due to emerging events in Israel. It received orders to get back on amphibious assault ship USS Bataan and USS dock landing ship Carter Hall.

2:05 PM PDT: Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discuss Palestine-Israeli conflict, in the first telephone call between the two leaders since a China-brokered deal between Tehran and Riyadh resumed their ties.

1:23 PM PDT: Video captured by fleeing Israelis shows a group of Hamas fighters who stormed southern Israel and a number of Israeli bodies on southern Israel streets.

12:40 PM PDT: Israel’s Iron dome intercepts rockets fired from Gaza over Ashkelon. 

12:22 PM PDT:Images obtained from Be’eri, Israel shows some of the scenes where Israeli’s were killed by Hamas militants. 

11:58 AM PDT: Preliminary reports indicate senior Islamic Jihad member Mousa Naseer was killed in an airstrike in the northern Gaza Strip.

11:25 AM PDT: US officials confirm the Dwight D Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group is heading to the Mediterranean Sea. According to US officials, the Eisenhower will be in the region and can be deployed to assist if needed. 

10:44 AM PDT: Images we’ve obtained showing field hospitals being set up across the country with hundreds of beds. This is the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital at Rambam Healthcare Campus in the Northern Israeli City of Haifa

10:40 AM PDT: IDF killed three Hamas militants near the town of Nir Am. According to the IDF, soldiers identified militants in a vehicle and used a tank to stop them.

10:38 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained of a man who was crushed under rubble after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Viewer Discretion Advised.

10:36 AM PDT:The White House is in the process of developing an additional funding package that will offer assistance on three countries —Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

10:22 AM PDT: Virgin Atlantic says it is pausing flying to and from Tel Aviv for the next 72 hours.

9:48 AM PDT: IDF Homefront Command has announced that the “Aircraft Penetration Alerts” over Northern Israel were caused by an Error and that there were No Drones or Paragliders in the Sky over the Country.

9:27 AM PDT: According to US officials, 22 Americans have been killed.

9:04 AM PDT: Terrorist Infiltration Alert for the Town of Ma’a lot Tarshicha near the Border with Lebanon.

8:53 AM PDT: US has reportedly started evacuating its embassy in Beirut and is advising all American citizens to leave Lebanon now. Editor’s note: Unable to confirm, waiting for confirmation from the US.

8:41 AM PDT: Mixed reporting on the paragliders entering from Northern Israel: According to an Israeli reported tied to the IDF: “Believed to be drones that set off the alerts in northern Israel, not paragliders. Rocket attack from Gaza also set off alert south of Haifa. Terror infiltration alert in one town on Lebanon border. Further details unclear.” There’s also reports of gunfire near the northern town of Beit Hillel.

8:34 AM PDT: Hamas claims to have launched a R-160 long range missile at the Israeli City of Haifa. This city is roughly 90 miles from the Gaza Strip.

8:22 AM PDT: Hezbollah Fighters have reportedly crossed the Border near the Town of Ma’ayan Baruch.

8:03 AM PDT:BREAKING: Reports of gliders carrying people flying into northern Israel. People asked to lock their doors. Editor’s note: We are also hearing that this may just be drones. 

7:31 AM PDT: UAV infiltration alerts across the entire Israel-Lebanon border

6:11 AM PDT: The head of operations for the southern region of Zaka, Israel’s volunteer civilian emergency response organization, told CBS News on Wednesday that he personally saw adults and children, including babies, who had been beheaded [in Kibbutz Kafr Aza]”

6:04 AM PDT:Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and National Unity Party Leader, Benny Gantz have announced today that an Agreement has been reached on the Establishment of an United Emergency Government as well as a War Management Cabinet that will Lead the Country until the Period of War has Ended with 4 Major Items being Agreed upon for the Government: – The Creation of a “War Management Cabinet” with 3 Members: the Prime Minister, Defense Minister and the Chairman of the State Camp. In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Gadi Eisenkot and Minister Ron Dermer will act as Observers in the Cabinet. – On behalf of the State Camp, 5 Ministers without a Portfolio will be added to the Political-Security Cabinet (With one of them acting as an Observer): Benny Gantz, Gideon Sa’ar, Gadi Eisenkot and 2 other Ministers. This is for the duration of the War. – A Position in the War Management Cabinet will be Reserved for the Chairman of the Opposition, Yair Lapid if he wishes to join. – During the War Period, No Bills or Government Decisions will be Promoted that do not concern the conduct of the War. All Senior Appointments are to be Extended during the War Period.

2:13 AM PDT: Ministry of Health in Gaza: Roughly 60% of the injuries from airstrikes in the Gaza Strip are women and children.

2:01 AM PDT: Video obtained from a pro-Hamas account shows the use of Kamikaze drones launched from buildings in Gaza. Some pro-Israeli social media pages claim these are being launched from civilian buildings. Pro-Palestinian social media accounts claim that Hamas does not use civilian infrastructure

1:43 AM PDT: Video from Israel showing officials standing over the dead bodies of soldiers near the Sderot police station. Editors note: They may be police officers bodies. 

1:28 AM PDT: IDF says it has bombed the Islamic University of Gaza, “which serves as a central training center for Hamas engineers.”

1:06 AM PDT: Brig. Gen. Omer Tishler pushes back on claims that Israel is targeting civilians in Gaza: “We do not act like the other side, we do not attack the civilian population, behind every attack there is a target. We act precisely and professionally but not surgically. I’m not talking about single, tens, or hundreds [of strikes]. We are talking about thousands of munitions.”

1:06 AM PDT: Brig. Gen. Omer Tishler pushes back on claims that Israel is targeting civilians in Gaza: “We do not act like the other side, we do not attack the civilian population, behind every attack there is a target. We act precisely and professionally but not surgically. I’m not talking about single, tens, or hundreds [of strikes]. We are talking about thousands of munitions.”

1:00 AM PDT: Brig. Gen. Omer Tishler, the Israel Air Force’s chief of staff, says fighter jets are striking the Gaza Strip on an “unprecedented scale.” He adds, “We are attacking the Gaza Strip on an unprecedented scale, because what happened here is something that has never happened before. There is an enemy here firing rockets, raiding a civilian population. We are never going back to that.”

12:50 AM PDT: The IDF is reportedly conducting drone strikes in southern Lebanon after IDF soldiers were reportedly attacked on the Lebanese border. 

Previous Day

10:25 PM PDT: Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: “We started the offensive from the air, later on we will also come from the ground. We’ve been controlling the area since day two and we are on the offensive. It will only intensify.”

9:41 PM PDT: The IDF has announced 14 more soldiers who have died, increasing the number to 170.  

9:11 PM PDT: Footage released by the IDF showing the targeting of Hamas Naval posts in Gaza and Khan Yunis. Israeli warships, Apache Helicopters, and Self-Propelled Artillery were used.

9:01 PM PDT: Video obtained from the town of Beit Ummar shows the Israeli military moving military personnel. 

7:15 PM PDT: IDF Spokesman provides daily update:
– 300,000 IDF reserves have been deployed close to the Gaza Strip.
– The Israeli death toll is 1,200 (number anticipated to rise).
– The border wall that was destroyed during the initial infiltration has since been rebuilt. All additional holes in the border wall have since been closed.
– There is no active combat at the northern border.
– Tens of thousands of Israeli troops have been sent to reinforce the northern border in the event of an attack from the Lebanese or Syrian border.

6:22 PM PDT: The United States is working to create a humanitarian corridor between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. According to officials, the Humanitarian Corridor would allow the Palestinian population to evacuate the region safely.

5:22 PM PDT: Palestinian Media Channels  are advising residents of Gaza to not leave their homes if told by Israeli Defense Forces. Statement: “We Live in our Homes and Die in our Homes. We will not Move. We will not Budge. We are all Behind the Resistance.”

5:04 PM PDT: The brother, nephew, and granddaughter of the Supreme Military Commander of Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades, Mohammed Deif, has been killed in an Israeli Airstrike. According to reports, the airstrike was on his father’s home in Gaza. This comes after Israel has attempted to assassinate Deif for years. Some say Deif has been rendered handicapped after multiple assassination attempts. In a previous airstrike (before this current conflict), Deif’s daughter and wife were killed.

4:46 PM PDT: Italian Evacuation flight is preparing to land in Tel Aviv, Israel. Over the last 24 hours, the Italian Air Force evacuated 600 citizens from Israel.

4:23 PM PDT: UK Ministry of Defense is reportedly considering the deployment of its Carrier Strike Group (which would include the HMS Queen Elizabeth) to the Mediterranean. This comes after the UK’s carrier departed Norfolk, Virginia today (it was in the US for the last couple of weeks).

4:03 PM PDT: Pamphlets found on Hamas militants that shows the different type of Israeli military vehicles and their weak points.

Translation below

4:00 PM PDT: Updated casualties:
1,200 killed, 3,418 injured. 
921 killed, 4,630 injured. 
5 killed

3:16 PM PDT: Significant airstrikes and artillery shelling remain ongoing throughout Gaza. There was a massive airstrike in Northern Gaza a short while (Beit Hanoun neighborhood).

2:52 PM PDT: Video released by Hezbollah shows the destruction of an Israeli M113 APC. This reportedly happened on the border with Lebanon. It is unclear what happened to the soldiers in the APC, but following this, an Israeli Apache destroyed the observation post where this was reportedly fired from.

2:28 PM PDT: The Israeli Navy is shelling the Coastline of the Gaza Strip. Officials say they are targeting locations where Hamas militants have used to launch boats for water incursions.

2:09 PM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing the aftermath of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza (video from moments ago)

2:06 PM PDT: US Naval Movement: The USS George Washington (CVN 73) Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has just left Norfolk, Virginia.

2:05 PM PDT: First American transport plane with ammunition has landed at Nevatim airbase in southern Israel.

2:03 PM PDT: New airstrike in Gaza reportedly targeting a building that held munitions for Hamas.

1:55 PM PDT: Germany will begin evacuating citizens from Israel on Thursday and Friday.

1:47 PM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing an IDF soldier standing over two Hamas militants who were allegedly killed near Kfar Maimon.

1:32 PM PDT: An Israeli Airstrike in the Alkarma Neighborhood of Gaza. According to reports from the ground, “dozens” of Palestinians have been killed, and search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

1:20 PM PDT: US General Michael “Erik” Kurilla confirms the arrivial of a US Carrier and Strike Group. He says, “The arrival of these highly capable forces to the region is a strong signal of deterrence should any actor hostile to Israel consider trying to take advantage of this situation.” It has been rumored that Israel was waiting for the US strike group to be in place prior to launching its ground assault on Gaza.

1:11 PM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing suspected hamas militants picking up dead bodies after the initial attack on Israel (Footage from Saturday, surfaced now)

12:41 PM PDT: IDF has shelled the Mortar Sites in Syria that were used to launch shells at IDF posts and civilian areas in Northern Israel.

12:33 PM PDT: US Special Operations Teams and Intelligence Agents have arrived in Israel. They will reportedly act as advisors to assist the IDF in the Rescue of Hostages in Gaza once the Ground Invasion begins.

12:14 PM PDT: US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Missing Americans.

12:05 PM PDT: US Secretary of State Blinken to travel to Israel thursday

11:52 AM PDT: Video showing more Israeli military movements. According to the military, they’ve called up 300,000 army reservists and some reports indicate that up to another 100,000 may be called up.

11:36 AM PDT: Gunfire reported around the Leonardo Hotel (Ashdod Beach). Reports that some militants made landfall. Editors Note: We’ve obtained reports that this was a “friendly fire incident” and Militants did not land on the beach. Working to get more information — Will update. 

11:33 AM PDT: The Greek Navy has deployed a Greek Hydra-Class Frigate “Psara” to the Mediterranean for Operations alongside the US Aircraft Carrier Strike Group.

11:13 AM PDT: The Israeli Government has notified Egypt that they are preparing for a Months-Long Ground War in the Gaza Strip.

11:06 AM PDT:President Biden says that US Military Posture in the Middle East has been Enhance and the Deployment of an Aircraft Carrier to the Region makes it so that we are able to Intervene whenever the US considers it necessary.

10:52 AM PDT: Palestinian resistance factions launched a batch of rockets from the Gaza Strip. In a statement, the Al-Quds Brigades said, “We bombed Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Sderot with large missile attacks.” Editors note: Music not added by us.

10:41 AM PDT: More video coming in of IDF military equipment moving towards the Israel-Lebanon border. In addition, field hospitals are being set up near the border.

10:37 AM PDT: 88 schools administered by the United Nations organization in Gaza have been transformed into emergency shelters. According to reports, 177,000 people have sought refuge at the schools.

10:30 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing the aftermath of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Extreme viewer discretion advised.

10:23 AM PDT: Hezbollah claimed responsibility for launching two missiles from southern Lebanon towards Israel.

10:19 AM PDT: The Pentagon is considering the deployment of a 2nd Carrier Strike Group into the Eastern Mediterranean near Israel. This group would likely be led by the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) a Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier.

10:09 AM PDT: The United States has offered hostage rescue support to Israel.

10:00 AM PDT: Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to troops on the Gaza border: “I have released all the restraints, we have [regained] control of the area, and we are moving to a full offense. Hamas wanted a change in Gaza, it will change 180 degrees from what it thought. They will regret this moment, Gaza will never return to what it was.”

9:40 AM PDT: Turkish Airlines suspends all flights to Israel.

9:31 AM PDT: The Italian government has announced that 10 Italian nationals were kidnapped from Israel and taken to Gaza. According to Italian officials, one of the abductees is a 1-year-old child.

9:31 AM PDT: Israeli government is now ordering citizens in the city of Metula (near Lebanon border) to evacuate.

9:24 AM PDT: Israeli forces conducting airstrikes in Lebanon. Palestinian Foreign Ministry has criticized Israel for using “internationally-prohibited” white phosphorus shells.

9:06 AM PDT: The Israeli Defense Force has announced the Death of 32 additional Soldiers who have been killed since the War against Hamas began. Brings total IDF losses to 156.

8:59 AM PDT: The Israeli Defense Force has announced the Death of 32 additional Soldiers who have been killed since the War against Hamas began. Brings total IDF losses to 156.

8:20 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained from Gaza showing children who have been victims of Israeli airstrikes.

8:16 AM PDT: Video obtained from Gaza showing a child being pulled out of the rubble following Israeli airstrikes. The child appears to be dead.

8:12 AM PDT: Gaza health ministry says 830 Palestinians killed and 4,250 wounded in Israeli strikes since initial attacks.

8:06 AM PDT: Russian government says 4 Russian citizens have been killed, 6 are missing following Hamas attack on Israel.

8:02 AM PDT: Aerial view of Al-Rimal (in Gaza) after being targeted by Israeli airstrikes.

7:21 AM PDT: Hamas is now attacking the city of Ashkelon after previously warning Israeli citizens to leave the city.

6:39 AM PDT: Hamas through social media, has warned that Israeli citizens in Ashkelon that they should leave the city by 5pm (local time)

6:18 AM PDT: 4 Hamas militants were killed by IDF forces close to the town of Zikim. According to officials, they attempted to land on the beach with a small boat but were intercepted.

5:37 AM PDT: The Israeli government has reportedly told the Egyptian government not to send any supply vehicles into Gaza, warning them that they will be targeted by airstrikes.

4:44 AM PDT: Footage showing Apache Attack Helicopter with the Israeli Air Force targeting a group of Hamas militants last night after they were detected by IDF soldiers along the Gaza strip security fence.

4:01 AM PDT: Residents of the Golan Heights and northeastern Israel have been advised to remain indoors  in response to a potential incursion by multiple UAVs along the Lebanese border. At present, IDF ground forces and aircraft are actively monitoring the airspace along the border region.

Previous day

9:39 PM PDT: Israeli airstrike in Gazi this morning. Accoring to reports, the airstrike targeted a Hamas officials home.

9:29 PM PDT: Video obtained from the IDF showing more airstrike from last night (Gaza time). According to the IDF, they struck more than 200 targets last night. 

7:41 PM PDT: The Israeli Air Force has A military Gulfstream G550 “Nachshon Oron” Signal-Intelligence Aircraft currently flying off the coast of Central Israel. The Aircraft has been in the air for roughly five hours. It is likely gathering intelligence that Israeli forces will utilize during their ground assault on Gaza. According to Israeli media, the assault will likely occur within 24-36 hours.

7:06 PM PDT: One of the Americans currently being held as a hostage in Gaza is 18-year-old Natalie Raanan. Natalie is from Chicago and is also being held with her mother, Judith. It is unclear if they are alive.

5:32 PM PDT: Images from tonight showing aftermath of Israeli strikes on Gaza

5:06 PM PDT: Video shows journalist Muhammad Sobh who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza.

3:59 PM PDT: Israeli forces are making final preparations to invade Gaza. Military equipment is moving closer to the border.

3:41 PM PDT: A senior Hamas official, Ali Bracha, has denied Iran’s involvement of Iran and Hezbollah in the attack but said they would help if needed.

3:32 PM PDT: Video footage showing bodybags from a Hamas militant attack from Friday. Footage also shows some of the houses where people were executed inside their homes.

3:00 PM PDT: Israel has conducted an airstrike in Albukamal (eastern Syria). According to sources, the strike targeted an Iran-backed convoy.

2:50 PM PDT: Join statement released by the US, France, Italy, Germany, and the UK.

2:46 PM PDT: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman: The Kingdom’s continuous stand by the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights to a decent life, realize their hopes and aspirations, and achieve just and lasting peace.

2:40 PM PDT: IDF says they’ve struck 1,707 targets so far including 475 targets “of the rocket array”, 73 targets “of war and terrorism”, 24 “strategic military infrastructures” and 22 “underground targets.”

2:33 PM PDT: IDF has issued text messages and voice messages to residents of Abu Al-Hasan Tower in Gaza to evacuate.

2:30 PM PDT: Four Palestinian Ambulances allegedly hit by Israeli strikes. Palestinian social media accounts claim the ambulances were targeted. No comment from the Israeli side yet.

2:22 PM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing Israeli civilian being killed by Hamas militants on the first day of the attacks in Israel.

2:03 PM PDT: Video showing the bombing of Al-Badrasawi Tower in Al-Shifa. According to pro Israeli sources, the building was home to Hamas officials. Editors note: We are unable to verify claims that the building was home to Hamas officials. 

Image of the Al-Badrawasi Tower following the strike

1:46 PM PDT: Israeli media claiming they have recovered 1500 militant bodies in Israel. Editors note: We are working to confirm this report as accurate.

1:21 PM PDT: President Biden confirms that 11 Americans have been killed in Israel. Biden adds, “While we are still working to confirm, we believe it is likely that American citizens may be among those being held by Hamas.”

1:15 PM PDT: US Defense official: Aircraft carrier strike group to arrive in Eastern Mediterranean waters ‘very soon.’

1:03 PM PDT: 108 bodies were discovered in Kibbutz Be’eri (Israel). According to officials, men, women, and children were found.

12:55 PM PDT: Israeli airstrikes intensifying in Gaza right now. Strikes hitting Hadeel Tower and buildings around it.

12:45 PM PDT: Netanyahu speaking earlier.

12:38 PM PDT: Video obtained of Israeli forces shutting off the water to Gaza.

12:31 PM PDT: US Aircraft Carrier’s social media account says they “are prepared and ready for anything”

12:26 PM PDT: Video obtained showing Hamas militants shooting a dog in Israel & entering Israeli homes (video just surfaced, from friday)

12:17 PM PDT: Al Qassam Brigade Spokesman Abu Ubaida Statements:

  • “We will not go into the details of the battles on the ground, as our data and the live images that our mujahideen transmit from the field are witnesses and speak for themselves.”
  • “You heard senile old man Yoav Gallant talking about human animals, and he meant our lions who stepped on the necks of his pig soldiers.”
  • “For 60 hours so far, the enemy has been unable to confront our soldiers despite all the weapons it possesses and despite what the elite paid to it, but all of this did not succeed and did not bear fruit in the face of the moment of truth and confrontation with the Qassam elite.”
  • “Our mujahideen are engaged in continuous clashes after they overthrew the entire Gaza division of the occupation army on the first day.”
  • “Our battles are still continuing in many locations on the ground”
  • “The enemy is bombing civilian facilities and killing our children and families”
  • “Our mujahideen captured a very large number of enemy elements. Our battles are continuing in many locations on the ground, and we are still replacing forces with others in enemy positions, sending reinforcements and taking prisoners.”
  • “We are still in control of the course of the battle, and we are ready to continue for a very long time. We are well aware of the results, and we are prepared for all possibilities.”
  • “We still have great confidence in our people, the fighters and revolutionaries in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the occupied interior. They have a responsibility to fulfill Al-Aqsa.”
  • “The equation of regional war versus the aggression against Al-Aqsa will not be a slogan, but rather a fire and a raft that will burn the enemy once and for all.”

12:13 PM PDT: US Intelligence Officials believe that Iran is attempting to Draw the United States into a Regional or Global Conflict.

12:04 PM PDT: Footage we’ve obtained showing Israeli police engaging alleged Hamas militants in Israel. 

11:58 AM PDT: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: “What our enemies will experience in the coming time will be remembered for generations”

11:53 AM PDT: Statement issued by Hezbollah: “After the martyrdom of three mujahideen brothers this afternoon as a result of the Israeli attacks on Lebanese towns and villages, groups of the Islamic Resistance, in an initial response, attacked the Pranit Barracks, which is the command center of the Galilee Division, and the Avivim Barracks, which is a clerical command center affiliated with the Western Brigade, using guided missiles. Mortar shells hit them directly.”

11:45 AM PDT: Image showing panic buying in Israel.

11:42 AM PDT: Images showing recent bombings in Gaza

11:40 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing clashes between IDF forces and Palestinians in Beit Ummar (north of Hebron). Viewer Discretion Advised.

11:35 AM PDT: Images we’ve obtained show bullet holes in Ambulances around Palestine. According to pro-Palestinian social media posts, IDF forces have been shooting at ambulances.

11:33 AM PDT: Images we’ve obtained after clashes between Palestinians, Hamas militants, and the IDF.

11:28 AM PDT: The European Union has halted plans to stop aid to the Palestinian authority due to opposition from Spain, Ireland, Denmark, and Luxembourg. 

11:25 AM PDT: IDF Statement: “A number of launches from the territory of Lebanon towards the territory of Israel were detected. There are no casualties. More details to come.”

11:13 AM PDT: Israel says that the US military will get involved in teh war if Lebanon or Syria joints the war. Statement:IDF will destroy Damascus, target Syrian President Assad if Hezbollah joins war. US warships will support Israel in war.”

11:00 AM PDT: Israeli media reporting that 100 bodies were found in the town of Bari (where roughly 1,000 people live). The deaths occured between Friday and Saturday.

10:55 AM PDT: New footage showing airstrikes carried out by the IDF in Gaza. According to Humanitarian groups in Palestine, a significant amount of the wounded are women and children. They claim that Israel is targeting civilians. Another view: Israel is pushing back on claims that they are targeting civilian infrastructure, arguing that Hamas is using civilians as shields. They claim that Hamas “regularly” uses civilian infrastructure to store weapons and fighters.

10:34 AM PDT:Israel’s home front command instructs Israelis to have resources that will last them 3 days in a bomb shelter, including food, medicines, first aid kits, flashlights, food and water

10:30 AM PDT: Ground Invasion of Gaza to begin tonight.

10:22 AM PDT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the public in 10 minutes.

10:19 AM PDT: Hezbollah Statement on death of a fighter from Israeli airstrikes: “In the name of God, with great pride and honor, the Islamic Resistance mourns the martyr Mujahid Hossam Muhammad Ibrahim, “Hussam Aitaroun”, from the southern town of Aitaroun, who rose to heaven as a result of the Zionist aggression against southern Lebanon this afternoon.”

10:06 AM PDT:White House says president Biden will be speaking with several of close allies about latest developments in Israel.

9:53 AM PDT: Hamas has announced it will execute an Israeli civilian for every new Israeli bombing of civilian houses without pre-warning, adding that they will broadcast the executions with audio and video. Statement: “Because the enemy does not understand morality and humanity, we decided to put an end to what is happening, and from this hour every targeting of our safe people will be met with the execution of a settler hostage.”

9:42 AM PDT: According to Israeli Yedioth Ahranoth, the Egyptian Intelligence Minister told Israeli PM Netanyahu 10 days before Hamas attacked and warned him of ‘something unusual, a terrible operations’ that would occur in Gaza. Egyptians were ‘surprised by the indifference shown by Netanyahu.’ The Israeli government has since rejected these claims.

9:39 AM PDT: Video obtained from Sidon (Lebanon) shows ambulances heading towards the Israeli – Lebanon border.

9:30 AM PDT: IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi to troops on the Gaza border: “After a rough start, we are shaping the line of engagement. We hit a lot of terrorists, whoever gets close, they are killed. We will finish purifying the area, so that we will not have terrorists here, and we are at the same time already on the offense. We have many more tasks, we need to be strong. It started badly, and will end very badly on the other side.”

9:22 AM PDT: Picture from Gaza — Minutes ago

9:12 AM PDT:More Video showing M109A5 Doher 155mm self-propelled Howitzers were deployed to the south near the border with Gaza

9:03 AM PDT: Israel has asked the United States for air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs, and interceptor missiles for the Iron Dome. The Biden administration is considering transferring about $100 million dollars worth of ammunition from the US military reserves.

8:56 AM PDT: Footage showing continued airstrikes in Gaza

8:41 AM PDT: Hezbollah says an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon killed one of its members. They vow to respond in accordance to their “rules of deterrence.”

8:32 AM PDT: Video showing additional airstrikes in Gaza — Happened 20 minutes ago

8:16 AM PDT: Intense airstrikes being reported in the Ar Ramal neighborhood (Gaza)

8:03 AM PDT: Al-Quds Brigades announces that they were behind attacks from Lebanon into Israel. Full statement: “We declare our responsibility for today’s operation in southern Lebanon on the borders of occupied Palestine”

7:46 AM PDT: Photos we’ve obtained showing children injured and killed from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

7:21 AM PDT: Heavy explosions heard near Israeli residents near the border with Lebanon

7:02 AM PDT: Footage obtained from the IDF showing new airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, targeting Beit Hanon, Sajaya, Al Furkan and Rima.

6:41 AM PDT: Video showing new rocket impacts in Jerusalem

5:52 AM PDT: Video of a man holding his daughter after she was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza.

5:31 AM PDT: Video of new airstrikes unfolding near the Islamic University in Gaza City.

4:27 AM PDT: Death toll in Israel now sitting at 800 with 2,400 injured.

4:01 AM PDT: New video of airstrikes in Gaza. According to officials, one airstrike has killed more than 50 people in Jabalia.

3:42 AM PDT: IDF issues evacuation notice for civilians living in the Al-Ramal neighborhood of Gaza.

3:37 AM PDT: IDF launching new round of “widespread” airstrikes on Gaza.

2:58 AM PDT: Hamas has issued a statement that an IDF airstrike last night killed 4 Israeli hostages.

1:44 AM PDT: Hamas has released video showing their homemade Mubar-1 Air Defense System.


1:35 AM PDT: IDF spokesman confirms that 300,000 reservists have been mobilized.


1:30 AM PDT: IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says Israeli troops have regained control of all towns on the Gaza border. He says incidents of clashes between troops and Palestinian militants in the last few hours have been “isolated.” He disclosed that 12 terrorists were killed in three different Israeli towns. Currently there is no fighting in any of the towns, but says “It is possible there are still terrorists in the area.”


12:38 AM PDT: Updated death toll
Israel: 713 killed, 2,200 injured
Gaza: 436 killed, 2,271 injured
Total: 1,149 killed, 4,471 injured


12:34 AM PDT: Video showing the aftermath of IDF airstrikes in Gaza. 

12:15 AM PDT: Photos showing the destruction of a Mosque by IDF airstrikes in Gaza. According to Israeli officials, the Mosque was being utilized by Hamas. Palestinians are pushing back, claiming there was no Hamas members there. 

12:04 AM PDT: New footage obtained from the Nova festival (where 260 people were killed by Hamas terrorists). Video contains audio that some viewers may find disturbing. 

Previous Day

11:54 PM PDT: Mexico confirms that two of their citizens were kidnapped by Hamas militants and are being held in Gaza. 

11:46 PM PDT: Qatar is reportedly mediating a hostage exchange deal between Israel and Hamas. According to Hamas officials speaking to Xinhua News Agency, Hamas is seeking the release of all Palestinian female prisoners for the release of women and children currently in Hamas militants custody.

11:32 PM PDT: IDF airstrikes have continued throughout this morning, with  multiple explosions in Gaza.

10:51 PM PDT: Israel’s Defense Minister Gallant has ordered the evacuation of civilians near Lebanon’s border.

10:40 PM PDT: Raafat Harb Hussein Abu Hilal, the commander of the Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades, was killed earlier today in an IDF airstrike.

10:32 PM PDT: IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says there are still six sites of fighting on the Gaza border. According to Hagari, 70 militants infiltrated Be’eri, with most of them being killed in a battle with troops. Says IDF has also hit 1,148 targets with airstrikes. 

10:13 PM PDT: Palestinian Health Ministry says 2,382 people injured so far in Gaza. 

9:49 PM PDT: IDF: “Fighter planes and helicopters, aircraft and artillery forces attacked many hundreds of targets of the terrorist organizations Hamas and GAP in the Gaza Strip during the night. Among the targets attacked, seven operational headquarters of the terrorist organization Hamas and another operational headquarters of the terrorist organization GAP were destroyed. In addition, the Air Force attacked several high-rise buildings, one of which houses the military headquarters of the terrorist organization Hamas. From there he directed terror against the State of Israel. Also, a building that was used operationally by a senior naval officer of the terrorist organization Hamas was attacked. Two operational properties of the terrorist organization Hamas were also attacked from the air, with one of them located in the heart of a mosque. In addition, a property used by the GAP terrorist organization, which is located in a residential building where operatives of the terrorist organization live, was destroyed.”

9:36 PM PDT:The Israeli military has placed tanks at approximately 20 border locations. The volume of tanks is expected to increase in the coming hours. Artillery forces have also started to arrive.

9:22 PM PDT: Israeli forces responding to potential infiltration of Hamas militants who entered the country through a tunnel from Gaza

9:06 PM PDT: Video from Gaza showing the aftermath of IDF airstrikes on Al-Shati.

8:47 PM PDT: New IDF strikes on Gaza right now. — Occured 5 minutes ago.

8:33 PM PDT: IDF has announced the deaths of 16 additional soldiers who were killed during the initial attack by Hamas. According to officials, the death toll of IDF soldiers is now 73.

8:29 PM PDT: Israeli strikes ongoing in Gaza this morning.

8:06 PM PDT: IDF strike on a building allegedly holding weapons for Hamas.

7:59 PM PDT: The IDF is currently engaging Hamas militants in Sderot. According to officials, at least three Hamas militants are involved. IDF Spokesman confirms saying, “At this time, there is an encounter with three terrorists at the Gevim intersection near Sderot.”

7:47 PM PDT: Brazil has announced that six aircraft from their military will begin evacuating its citizens from Israel and Palestinian territories.

7:26 PM PDT: The Israeli Navy is currently shelling multiple locations connected to Hamas. Primary targets are Hamas Naval facilities.

6:02 PM PDT:Palestinian Authorities say an Israeli Airstrike earlier in the night on the city of Rafah killed 18 civilians.

4:49 PM PDT: Israeli Defense Force says 100,000 reservists have reported for active duty

4:16 PM PDT: US Air Force is deploying an additional 20-25 Multirole Fighter Jets (F-15 and F-35) to the Middle East. Objective is to prevent the War in Israel from spreading into the remainder of the Middle East while also acting as a Deterrent against any kind of aggression against Israel.

3:47 PM PDT: Iraqi “Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada Brigades” (an Islamic militant group with ties to Iran and Hezbollah) has warned that if the United States intervenes in the war between Israel & Palestinian militants, US bases and Troops throughout the Middle East will become “legitimate targets.”

3:36 PM PDT: Footage obtained from Ashkelon shows more damage caused by rocket strikes originating from Gaza.

3:31 PM PDT: Video from yesterday (just surfaced now) shows a militant execute an individual at a music festival in Israel. According to Israeli officials, 260 people were killed at this festival.

3:16 PM PDT: Palestinian social media accounts claim that Imad Adili (a 16-year-old boy) was killed by Israelis near the town of Beita, south of Nablus. According to reports, he was shot three times. Some claim Israeli security forces killed him, others claim Israeli citizens killed him.

3:04 PM PDT:Image of a direct hit on a house in Ashkelon. Rocket was fired from Gaza less than an hour ago.

2:55 PM PDT: Shooting between Israeli forces and unidentified individuals in Qalandiya.

2:47 PM PDT: Massive Explosions seen in the “Majma’ el Ansar” in Gaza. This location reportedly had munitions and other weaponry.

2:06 PM PDT: Rocket launches from Gaza

2:03 PM PDT: Iron Dome is actively intercepting rockets fired from Gaza.

1:58 PM PDT: Wall Street Journal reporting that senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah met with Iranian officials last week (Monday) in Beirut. According to them, Iranian officials gave the green light to attack Israel. Planning of the attack reportedly began in August and details were refined at biweekly meetings.
Quote: “Officers from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been working with Hamas since August to plan the air, land and sea incursions – the most significant breach of Israel’s borders since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the people said.”

1:03 PM PDT: Air France and Wizz Air have canceled all flights to Israel until further notice.

12:46 PM PDT: Israeli Special Forces with “Shayetet 13” have captured Muhammad Abu Ghali, Deputy Commander of Hamas Naval Forces. He is currently being interrogated.

12:39 PM PDT: Israeli Defense Forces say they are fighting militants in Kfar Gaza, Bari, and Sderot (east of the Gaza strip). IDF has ordered residents to shelter-in-place.

12:31 PM PDT: An Israeli M109A5 “Doher” 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Battery can be seen moving in Israel towards the Lebanese border.

12:22 PM PDT: Video showing a rocket strike in Ashdod, Israel.

12:13 PM PDT: Video obtained from pro Hamas militants show a Hamas fighter with Israeli hostages somewhere in Israel. Rough translation: The fighter is talking about god, land, and getting back land.

12:01 PM PDT: Video obtained from pro Hamas militants show a Hamas fighter claiming that he is in Israel. Rough translation: “Sorry for not updating you all, Today is the day we are in our land and we will take it back after 70 years… it will be ours.”

11:56 AM PDT: Video obtained from Israel shows security officials running through the streets, reports of militants nearby.

11:41 AM PDT: Israeli officials say they recovered 260 bodies from the Nova festival “rave.”

11:36 AM PDT: The Iranian IRGC Quds Force commander, Brigadier General Esmail Qaani, is reportedly in Southern Lebanon. Some pro-lebanon accounts allege that he is there to coordinate Hezbollah forces if a war breaks out with Israel. Editors note: Working to confirm this.

11:30 AM PDT: Updated death toll
Israel: 700 killed, 2,200 injured
Gaza: 413 killed, 2,300 injured
Total: 1,113 killed, 4,500 injured

11:23 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing Israeli security forces in Eilat City, South Israel. This comes after reports of armed militants seen in the area.

11:19 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained shows people being pulled out of the ruble in Gaza following an airstrike.

11:07 AM PDT: At least 4 American citizens have been killed in attacks by Hamas in Israel.

10:56 AM PDT: IDF forces are concerned about possible infiltrations that occurred in Sderot. At the moment, security forces are going door to door checking identification.

10:49 AM PDT: Palestinian Islamic Jihad says that they have at least 30 Israeli hostages. Number of hostages held by Hamas is unknown.

10:33 AM PDT: Multiple individuals were injured in an airstrike on the Shamlakh House in Sheikh Ijlin, Southern Gaza City. According to Israeli officials, the Shamlakh family manages several businesses tied to Hamas and has been involved in smuggling and funding activities.

10:29 AM PDT: US Secretary of Defense Austin confirms that the United States will move the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group (Currently 1x CVN, 1x CG, 4x DDG) to the Eastern Mediterranean. It confirms that additional US aircraft are also en route. Full statement below

10:26 AM PDT: Additional rockets being intercepted over Israel.

10:21 AM PDT: Rocket fired from Gaza that landed in Netivot.

10:17 AM PDT: Iranian Foreign Minister: “Israel’s continued attacks on Gaza violate UN resolutions and increase the possibility of the war spreading.

10:11 AM PDT: President Biden communicated to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that additional assistance for the Israeli Defense Forces is now on its way to Israel, with more to follow over the coming days

10:03 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing additional heavy military equipment movements around southern israel (near the Gaza strip).

9:51 AM PDT: Airstrikes resuming in the Al-Shujaiya neighborhood of Gaza.

9:36 AM PDT: A US Carrier Strike Group is en route to the Eastern Mediterranean. The carrier strike group includes the USS Gerald R Ford, USS Normandy, USS McFaul, USS Ramage, and USS Thomas Hudner.

9:22 AM PDT: US Military is repositioning Naval assets and aircraft near Israel. According to NBC, US officials say all the intended assets could be in position within 7 days. The US is also making plans to help evacuate Americans out of Israel. One of the plans includes moving Americans onto Navy ships.

9:11 AM PDT: Another round of heavy airstrikes currently targeting both Gaza City and Rafah.

8:58 AM PDT: Images we’ve obtained showing children who were killed during Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

8:44 AM PDT: Images showing some of the victims of the Hamas terrorist attacks yesterday.

8:33 AM PDT: Video of Israeli strikes in Gaza.

8:28 AM PDT: Israeli airstrike in Gaza (geolocated to 31.5156175, 34.4491154)

8:28 AM PDT: Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has announced that the Israeli Air Force has ended its first significant air campaign over Gaza. According to Hagari, the operation utilized 50 aircraft and destroyed 150 locations allegedly used by Hamas militants and members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Hagari says that “hundreds” of militants have died.

8:22 AM PDT: Footage obtained showing the National Islamic Bank of Gaza after being hit by Israeli airstrikes last night. 

8:13 AM PDT: Footage from earlier today showing an exchange of gunfire between Hamas militants and members of the Israeli Defense Forces. This occured near the Israeli city of Ashdod.

8:03 AM PDT: President Joe Biden has held his second phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to a readout, President Biden pledged America’s unwavering support for Israel. 

7:57 AM PDT: Negotiators from the UN, Egypt, and Jordan are attempting to secure the release of an undisclosed number of children and elderly individuals kidnapped by Hamas militants and taken to the Gaza Strip yesterday.


7:49 AM PDT: Video showing more Israeli heavy equipment moving towards the border near Gaza.

7:44 AM PDT:The Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations claims that there are dozens of Americans currently being held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The United States has not commented on the claims.

7:31 AM PDT: Images we’ve obtained showing the staging and movement of IDF heavy equipment.

7:22 AM PDT: Multiple C-130 H Military Transport Aircraft are enroute to Israel. According to Polish officials, members of the Polish Special Forces are enroute to assist in the evacuation of Polish & European citizens

7:05 AM PDT: Video showing Israeli Police arresting a suspected Hamas terrorist in southern Israel. Israeli citizens can be seen trying to attack the suspected militant.

6:05 AM PDT: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has confirmed that the Hamas terror attacks in Israel have killed Americans. Secretary Blinken also said there are a number of missing Americans, hinting that they may have been kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip. 

12:55 AM PDT: IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says the military killed more than “400 Palestinian terrorists” in southern Israel and the Gaza Strip. He adds that they captured dozens of militants.


12:46 AM PDT: In a statement, Hamas says that they have sent an unknown number of militants into various locations around Israel.  Statement:  “By the grace of God, tonight and at dawn today, we were able to carry out infiltration operations to reinforce our mujahideen with forces and equipment, in a number of locations inside our occupied territories, including the “Sufa” site, the “Sufa” kibbutzim, “Holeit” and “Yated” in the Rafah axis.”

12:40 AM PDT: Reports of gunfire taking place between IDF and Hamas militants in Kisufim, Kfar Gaza and Bari (southern Israel).

12:31 AM PDT: Video showing the destruction from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

12:01 AM PDT: Death toll: Israeli news outlet Channel 12 says 350 Israelis have been killed. Gaza Health Ministry reported that 256 Palestinians have been killed. Both say the numbers will rise.

Previous Day

11:44 PM PDT: Video released by the IDF shows the moment Israeli forces attacked a tent where Hezbollah militants were firing mortars at their military infrastructure. The strike took place in Lebanon.

11:36 PM PDT: Video from pro Palestinian media showing the moment a girl was pulled out of the rubble from a home in Gaza.

11:27 PM PDT: Palestinians claim that an Israeli commander of the 481st Communications Battalion was killed at the Ra’im military base yesterday. Photo attached.

11:24 PM PDT: Photos show a bombed a mosque in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

11:19 PM PDT: Pictures out of Gaza show the destruction of the Watan Tower. Hours ago, Israeli warplanes targeted the building.

11:13 PM PDT: The IDF says they have hit 426 targets in the Gaza strip, including 10 high-rise buildings. According to the IDF, the strikes targeted buildings used by Hamas. Palestinian Humanitarian organizations are disputing Israel’s claims and say that civilian infrastructure has been targeted.

11:06 PM PDT: Israel’s Prime Minister says the first phase of Operation “Iron Swords” has been completed. He adds that “most” terrorists have been killed within Israel.

10:57 PM PDT: Footage released by Hezbollah showing militants attacking Israeli military outposts near Shebaa farms.

10:46 PM PDT: The IDF is preparing to evacuate Israeli civilians living near Gaza prior to launching an assault on the city.

10:41 PM PDT:Footage we’ve obtained showing Hezbollah attacks on an Israeli military site near the border with Lebanon. Scroll down to see more views from the attack.

10:33 PM PDT: Photos of the Sderot Police Station after it was destroyed by IDF Construction Equipment. According to authorities, 10 hamas militants were held up inside the station. Police say all 10 were killed, this contradicts statements from Palestinian social media accounts.


10:22 PM PDT: The IDF has conducted with a drone strike on a militant outpost Hezbollah established in the Sheba Farms area on the border between Israel and Lebanon

10:13 PM PDT: Hezbollah has claimed that they are Responsible for the Rocket and Mortar Attack against an IDF Radar Installation on Mount Dov in Northern Israel earlier this morning. Statement: “We targeted 3 Israeli occupation sites in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms area.”

10:04 PM PDT: Security has been Increased at Israeli Radar and Surface-to-Air Missile Batteries in the North Israel. According to officials, there is concern that Islamist militants from Lebanon and Syria may be launching their own attacks on Israel.

9:56 PM PDT: Footage released from the IDF carrying out strikes on militants.

9:52 PM PDT: Residents in the Israeli town of Eshkol (close to the Gaza Strip) are claiming that Hamas militants have crossed the border and have now entered their town.

9:46 PM PDT: Additional footage we’ve obtained from the Lebanon-Israeli border. The mortars are landing near an Israeli radar site close to Shebaa Farms.

9:35 PM PDT:Israeli state controlled media outlets: “Instructions to citizens near the Lebanon border to enter the fortified areas after the area was exposed to mortar fire.”

9:32 PM PDT: Footage reportedly showing mortar strikes hitting Israel from Lebanon. Israeli forces are reportedly firing back with artillery shells.

9:27 PM PDT:Reports circulating of mortar fire by unknown hostile forces in Lebanon. Chatter indicates that a mortar landed near Israeli soldiers. Working to get video. 

8:44 PM PDT: Jerusalem Post (Israeli state media) claims that roughly 750 Israelis are still missing.

8:40 PM PDT: Additional photos obtained of the Sderot police station where Hamas militants took over the station and killed 2o + Israeli police officers. According to pro Palestinian accounts, most of the attackers were able to escape capture and death.  Scroll down for additional video + pictures of the scene.

8:36 PM PDT: Pro Hamas social media accounts say this fighter, Ahmed Awawda, was killed during an shootout with Israeli forces near the Deir Sharaf military checkpoint.

8:30 PM PDT: Israeli warplanes have destoryed the Matar Building on Salah al-Din Street, opposite to Al-Nuseirat

8:20 PM PDT: Israeli warplanes have destoryed the Watan tower Central Gaza.

8:16 PM PDT: Footage released by Hamas affiliated social media accounts showing the paraglider militants seen entering Israel from the air earlier today.

8:09 PM PDT: Damage following Israeli airstrikes in Beit Lahia, Gaza. According to reports, this was a residential building.

8:01 PM PDT: Damage to the Sderot police station in Israel. This is where multiple militants were held up and killed 20+ Israeli police officers.

7:41 PM PDT: Video of ongoing strikes in Gaza. Footage obtained from AP.

7:19 PM PDT:Israeli helicopters can be heard engaging targets near the Gaza stream. 

7:06 PM PDT: Israel is continuing airstrikes in Gaza. 

6:53 PM PDT: Video obtained from Israel showing armed militants who have since been killed. 

6:31 PM PDT: Full Statement from Netanyahu

6:26 PM PDT: Statement from Netanyahu earlier: The security cabinet meeting has decided to “bring about the destruction of the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in a way that will negate their ability and desire to threaten and harm the citizens of Israel for many years”

6:15 PM PDT: Footage we’ve obtained showing UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon moving towards the border with Israel. Video shows the peacekeeping force being stopped by locals. Theres additional reports of this. 

6:03 PM PDT: Reports of significant movement of Israeli armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery in the north of the country near the border with Lebanon. 

5:41 PM PDT: Footage we’ve obtained showing Israeli reservists arriving at military bases around the south of the country. 

5:23 PM PDT: Hamas spokesperson claims the group had backing from Iran. 

5:14 PM PDT: An Israeli military convoy has been spotted in Safed (Northern Israel) that involved multiple M109A5 self-propelled howitzers and support vehicles.

5:11 PM PDT: Israel has suspended the supply of fuel and other goods to Gaza.

5:06 PM PDT: Israel’s former Mossad chief, Efraim Halevy, told CNN that the intelligence agency did not know Hamas was planning the attacks. He said, “We had no warning of any kind, and it was a total surprise that the war broke out this morning. This is beyond imagination from our point of view, and we didn’t know they had this quantity of missiles, and we certainly didn’t expect that they would be as effective as they were today. We didn’t have an inkling of what was going on.” Efraim says that it is likely the rockets were manufactured in the Gaza strip after being “smuggled in by sea” and that Hamas “probably” was able to perform “trial training” without letting Israeli forces discover their plans.

4:35 PM PDT: Rocket reportedly hits Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, Israel

4:13 PM PDT:Netanyahu says that Israel’s security cabinet has approved decisions to destroy the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. IDF says it has also declared the Gaza area a “closed military space” and that entry into the area is prohibited.

4:06 PM PDT: The Islamic National Bank of Gaza has been destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. The bank reportedly provides funding for Hamas.

3:44 PM PDT: Footage from Israel shows a man being hit by a rocket presumably fired from Gaza.

3:41 PM PDT: Footage showing Israeli security forces detaining a man in Israel.

3:33 PM PDT: Israeli Defense Force has Increased the number of Reservists that have been called to Active Service. At this time, 150,000 Reservists now have received orders to report for duty.

3:22 PM PDT:More Merkava 4 main battle tanks from Israel on their ways to the south.

3:11 PM PDT: Multiple Israeli airstrikes are still ongoing across central Gaza.

2:53 PM PDT:  Video reportedly showing an Israeli child that was kidnapped by Hamas militants.  The child is in Gaza

2:41 PM PDT: Reported casualties so far: Israel: 300 dead, 1,590 injured  Gaza: 232 dead, 1,790 injured

2:30 PM PDT: Footage of the IDF Merkeva in Sderot. Additional vehicles are being deployed in the area.

1:00 PM PDT: IDF Northern Command has increased its readiness and has deployed military forces to the North in case Hezbollah plans to attack Israel. According to reports, this is being done before Israel launches a full assault on Gaza.

12:56 PM PDT: Video showing Israeli Merkava tanks being moved towards the Israel-Gaza border.

12:45 PM PDT: Al-Habib Muhammad Mosque in Khan Younis targeted by IDF airstrike earlier.

12:42 PM PDT: US State Department Spokesman: “Let’s be clear: the deal to bring U.S. citizens home from Iran has nothing to do with the horrific attack on Israel. Not a penny has been spent, and when it is, it can only go for humanitarian needs like food and medicine. Anything to the contrary is false.”

12:33 PM PDT: 20 Israeli police officers were killed inside the Sderot police station. See the video (few posts back) showing Israeli security forces at the station where members of Hamas are still held up.

12:27 PM PDT: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on Palestinian civilians in Gaza to “leave now” because the IDF is going to “turn all Hamas hiding places into rubble.”

12:07 PM PDT: Israeli forces have begun destroying the Sderot police station where Hamas commandos are currently held up.

11:51 AM PDT: Significant chatter on Israeli telegram and social media accounts with posts saying that their loved ones are missing.

11:43AM PDT: President Biden’s full remarks following attacks on Israel.

11:31 AM PDT: Photos showing what appears to be militants detained by Israeli forces.

11:11 AM PDT: Video we’ve obtained showing more people captured from Israel. Footage obtained from pro Hamas social media accounts.

11:07 AM PDT: Photos we’ve obtained showing more people captured from Israel. Footage obtained from pro hamas social media accounts.

11:04 AM PDT: A building in Tel Aviv has reportedly collapsed after being hit by a rocket from Gaza, working to get image/video.

10:59 AM PDT: IDF spokesperson: “Hamas has opened the gates of hell into the Gaza strip”

10:57 AM PDT: Another large rocket attack is going off in Israel.

10:47 AM PDT: Israeli media says civilian death toll from Hamas militant attacks is now 200.

10:36 AM PDT: More video showing Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas militants.

10:29 AM PDT: More images coming out of Israel

10:17 AM PDT: More images coming out of Gaza

9:57 AM PDT: Footage from Gaza showing the latest barrage of rockets towards Tel Aviv. Hamas Al-Qassam announce they are launching 150 rockets.

9:53 AM PDT: Multiple international airlines have canceled flights to Israel. This includes American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, United Airlines, RyanAir.

9:51AM PDT: Photo showing what appears to be an Israeli civilian on the back of a motorcycle in Gaza.

9:47 AM PDT: Video showing journalist Muhammad Al-Salhi who was killed by Israeli forces earlier today. Unclear if he was shot or hit by an airstrike.

9:40 AM PDT: Video showing Israeli civilians hiding in garbage containers from towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

9:37 AM PDT: IDF has regained control of the Re’im military base in southern Israel, which houses the Gaza Division, from Hamas militants.

9:24 AM PDT:Energy Minister Yisrael Katz has signed an order instructing the Israel Electric Corporation to halt the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip.

9:20 AM PDT: The Russian Foreign Ministry has called for the Immediate Ceasefire in Southern Israel and the creation of an Independent Palestinian State with its 1967 borders.

9:13 AM PDT:Israeli officials say that some kidnapped Israelis are being used as “human shields” and held at critical locations and tunnels that Israel warplanes want to strike.

9:01 AM PDT: Images showing Israeli soldiers packing their gear on a road near Gaza

8:46 AM PDT: According to Israeli Police, the number of Hamas militants who infiltrated intoIsrael this morning is between 200 to 300. Attached are pictures of some arrests.

8:34 AM PDT: Statement from President Biden: “This morning, I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the horrific and ongoing attacks in Israel.  The United States unequivocally condemns this appalling assault against Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, and I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the Government and people of Israel. Terrorism is never justified. Israel has a right to defend itself and its people. The United States warns against any other party hostile to Israel seeking advantage in this situation.  My Administration’s support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering. Jill and I are keeping in our prayers all of the families who have been hurt by this violence. We are heartbroken by the lives that have been tragically cut short and hope for a swift recovery for all those who have been wounded. My team and I are tracking this situation closely, and I will remain in close touch with Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

8:22 AM PDT: Footage shows one of the high-rise towers bombed by the IDF in the Gaza Strip. According to the military, the building housed Hamas assets. Palestinians claim the building was residential.

7:58 AM PDT:  Footage showing a Hamas drone dropping a bomb on Israeli soldiers.

7:51 AM PDT:  Israel is carrying out more retaliatory strikes in Gaza.

7:47 AM PDT: 4 Israeli “Apache” Attack Helicopters have been hit by Anti-Aircraft Fire from the Gaza Strip. The helicopters were able to land safely.

7:42 AM PDT: Footage we’ve obtained showing more Israeli civilians who have been kidnapped by Al Qassam Elite Forces

7:37 AM PDT: Video circulating with captions saying “A Full-Mobilization of the Israeli Defense Force is underway.” Significant military presence seen heading towards the borders of the North, East, and South parts of the country.

7:33 AM PDT:Footage showing Hezbollah Fighters on Motorcycles continuing to approach the Border Fence with Israel in Southern Lebanon (located near the Town of Metula)

7:26 AM PDT: The Palestinian Islamic Jihad says that the 50+ Israeli Hostages will remain in Gaza until all Palestinians have been released from Israeli Prisons.

7:16 AM PDT: Israeli Defense Officials have confirmed they are expecting and preparing for a multi-front war. They are prepared to call up to 100,000 reservists.

7:11 AM PDT:Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has now acknowledged that Civilian and Military Hostages have been taken by Hamas Terrorists into the Gaza Strip. He says there have also been losses to Israeli military personnel, but will not provide a number.

7:06 AM PDT: Heavy Fighting is still ongoing within the City of Sderot

6:31 AM PDT: Video showing Israeli Special Police with arrested militants.

6:11 AM PDT: Urban street fighting currently taking place in Sderot

3:46 AM PDT: Israeli Defense Forces have targeted 17 military compounds and 4 headquarters belonging to Hamas in Gaza. 

3:31 AM PDT: Confirmed that Rutenberg power station (largest power station in Israel) has been targeted by a rocket. 

3:24 AM PDT: Gaza hospitals requesting civilians to donate blood due to Israeli airstrikes. 

3:20 AM PDT: Israeli Commander Nimrod Aloni has been captured by Hamas militants. Footage obtained shows Commander Aloni being escorted by Hamas militants in his underwear. Important note: Israel is denying General that Nimrod Aloni was captured. The Israeli defense force have released this statement in Persian.

3:13 AM PDT: Israeli media claiming that 57 soldiers and civilians from Israel have been kidnapped. 

3:04 AM PDT: Footage obtained from Hamas shows a video of several captured Israelis

2:53 AM PDT: Footage from earlier showing a bulldozer breaking down the gate along the Israeli border. 

2:49 AM PDT: Footage we’ve obtained of armed militants in Gaza driving a Jeep with a kidnapped Israeli woman.

2:41 AM PDT: Israeli security forces have reportedly killed a man who was attempting to carry out a “stabbing attack” near the entrance of the Beit Aryeh. 

2:36 AM PDT: Footage showing a Hamas armed drone strike on an Israeli Merkava 4 tank.

2:24 AM PDT: Footage showing militant groups deploying armed members near the Israeli border in anticipation of an invasion from Israel.

2:13 AM PDT: IDF has released footage from some of their airstrikes earlier today – 16 tons of munition has been used so far.

2:03 AM PDT: A picture from Gaza after an airstrike by the Israeli Air Force.

1:57 AM PDT: Footage reportedly showing an elderly Israeli woman that was kidnapped. The woman appears to be smiling.

1:49 AM PDT: Footage showing an Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

1:33 AM PDT: Footage showing Palestinian militants going back to Gaza following attacks earlier this morning.

1:21 AM PDT: Israeli medical officials say roughly 300 wounded at various hospitals as a result of the Hamas attacks.

1:14 AM PDT: Photo obtained from the border.

1:07 AM PDT: Israeli security forces are estimating that “60 militants” are currently in the country. Ongoing efforts are being made to “neutralize” them

12:59 AM PDT: Additional video showing more kidnapped Israelis and ISF elements by Al Qassam Elite Forces arriving Gaza Strip

12:53 AM PDT:Video showing an Israeli soldier being kidnapped from a tank.

12:44 AM PDT: IDF says 2200 rockets have been fired at Israel in the last four hours.

12:39 AM PDT:Hamas is claiming that over 30 Israeli Civilians, Police Officers, and Soldiers have been Captured and taken back to Gaza during their Incursions into Southern Israel today. There’s also reports of women captured. Some social media accounts are calling the women “prizes.”

12:36 AM PDT: Additional dead soldiers and civilians killed in Israel being brought back to the Gaza strip.

12:31 AM PDT: The military leader of Hamas, Mohammed Deif, is calling on the entire Arab world to join the war against Israel. He said, “Our brothers in the Islamic resistance in Lebanon [Hezbollah], Syria, Iraq and Iran, this is the day when the fronts and flags will unite against the Zionist regime.” Loudspeakers in mosques across Jerusalem are calling on all Muslims and Palestinians to rise up and wage Jihad (Holy War) against the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli government

12:29 AM PDT: Israel announces the call up of all military reservists.

12:17 AM PDT: Footage showing Israeli soldiers being stomped on after they were kidnapped by militants. Additional footage shows an unidentified female in the back of a truck.

12:14 AM PDT:Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly order an Official Declaration of War against Hamas and the other Palestinian Groups who are assisting in todays Attack during the Cabinet Meeting today.

12:13 AM PDT: The US Chargé d’Affairs to Israel as well as several Senators and Representatives have stated that the United States is Fully-Supportive of Israel in this War against Hamas and other Palestinian Factions.

12:11 AM PDT:Reports indicating that terrorists broke into an Israeli prison (unconfirmed, will follow up).

12:09 AM PDT:Pictures of dead soldiers from the Israeli military.

12:02 AM PDT: Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: “Hamas made a grave mistake this morning and started a war against the State of Israel. IDF soldiers are fighting at all the infiltration sites against the enemy. The State of Israel will win this war.”

Previous Day:

11:59 PM PDT: Footage showing new rocket launches from Gaza

11:55 PM PDT: Images released from Terrorists with the Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas have reportedly showing a captured Israeli Military Base near the Border with Gaza.

11:53 PM PDT:At least 80 Civilians in the City of Beersheba have been injured by rocket fire. At least 30 dead.

11:51 PM PDT: Israeli Police say there are currently 21 active operations targeting terrorist groups in the country.

11:48 PM PDT:Israeli State Controlled media has reported that that Palestinian Terrorists had entered the Country from Land, Air, and Sea.

11:46 PM PDT: More video showing another Israeli military vehicle being driven through Gaza.

11:41 PM PDT: Images posted on pro Palestinian social media accounts

11:33 PM PDT:Footage showing more Hamas terrorists  infiltrating Israel again with motorized paragliders.

11:27 PM PDT: Hamas terrorists have taken over the police station in Sderot. There are several casualties, shootout ongoing

11:19PM PDT: Video showing Terrorists with Hamas shooting a civilian car.

11:13PM PDT: Palestinians continue to take over IDF vehicles.

11:06PM PDT: Image reportedly showing Hostages which have been taken by Palestinian Fighters in Southern Israel.

10:59 PM PDT:Reports of Palestinian Fighters  roaming the streets in Southern Israel where they are continuing to massacring any Men, Women, and Children that they see.

10:55 PM PDT: Footage shows direct rocket impacts in Tel Aviv

10:41 PM PDT: Footage obtained shows what appears to be an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and taken back to Gaza.

10:34 PM PDT: The Israeli Defense Forces have begun launching strikes in Gaza.


10:32 PM PDT: IDF Spokesperson: “A number of terrorists have penetrated into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, residents of the Gaza Strip are asked to stay in their homes.”

10:31 PM PDT: Images obtained showing dead Israeli’s following the attack (Viewer Discretion Advised)

10:19 PM PDT: Footage obtained showing Hamas fighters making their way towards Israel.

10:19 PM PDT: Statement from Hamas: “We decided to put an end to all the crimes of the occupation, and the time during which it was rampant without accountability has ended. We announce Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and we were targeted with the first strike within 20 minutes, in which more than 500 missiles were fired.”

10:14 PM PDT: An Israeli Merkava Tank has been seriously damaged near the Border with Gaza Strip.

10:11 PM PDT: An Israeli Humvee Captured by Palestinian Fighters during their Attack. Vehicle is back in Gaza.

9:58 PM PDT: Footage obtained showing armed men kickin in doors / shooting on Israeli streets.

9:58 PM PDT: Footage obtained showing breaches at Israel’s border. According to reports, a security checkpoint was taken over by militants.

9:42 PM PDT: Reports and footage obtained of Palestinian fighters engaging with Police. One report is coming out of the City of Itaf (border city near Gaza)

9:41 PM PDT: Footage obtained showing attackers using paragliders.

9:37 PM PDT: Reports and footage showing armed men driving, shooting, and engaging police in Israel. Unknown exact location.

9:31 PM PDT: Rocket strikes have hit in Ashkelon, Beersheba, and Yavne. Attached is footage from various strikes.

9:23 PM PDT: Rocket alerts are currently sounding in Israel. Rockets are currently being fired from Gaza.


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