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Steve Scalise, who recently edged out Jim Jordan for the GOP nomination for Speaker, confronts potential roadblocks as he aims to clinch the top position on the House floor. Although Scalise’s win against the House Judiciary Committee Chairman was a narrow 113-99, questions remain about Jordan’s supporters’ loyalty even after Jordan endorsed Scalise.

Members were initially informed that a floor vote might commence shortly after Scalise’s nomination, but due to evident opposition, proceedings were halted. Several Republicans have already declared their support for other candidates, and the fate of Scalise’s bid could hinge on the choices of undecided GOP members and those who supported Jordan in the preliminary vote.

The pushback against Scalise ranges from concerns about his health to discontent with the failed proposal to alter the nomination process. Rep. Chip Roy led the effort, expressing frustration with the resistance to change, noting, “It was very old school.”

House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik urged unity, emphasizing the importance of electing the Speaker. Meanwhile, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed his support for Scalise, suggesting he’ll need to address the concerns of the dissenting members.

The GOP’s internal division over the Speaker’s nomination comes at a tumultuous time, with the looming war in Israel and an approaching government funding deadline.


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