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Afghanistan experienced a 6.3 magnitude earthquake only days after a series of quakes resulted in over 2,400 fatalities.

The recent quake affected areas close to Herat, Herat province’s capital, during the early hours of Wednesday. According to the governor’s office of Herat, significant losses have been reported, especially in districts adjacent to those devastated by prior tremors.

The Associated Press, citing Ministry of Information spokesperson Abdul Wahid Rayan, disclosed that at least 80 individuals suffered injuries and a landslide obstructed the primary Herat-Torghundi highway. Taliban officials report that these tremors killed approximately 2,445 people, marking them among the nation’s most destructive earthquakes in recent history.

In the aftermath of the weekend’s devastation, volunteers and first responders have been working to rescue survivors and recover bodies from the wreckage of collapsed villages. The already challenging relief operations face further complications due to the nation’s deteriorated infrastructure, a consequence of prolonged warfare and dwindling foreign assistance.


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