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At a Taiwan-US event, House Committee on Foreign Affairs Chair Michael McCaul said the US is committed to supporting Taiwan’s self-defense against external forces, including China.

At the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office’s National Day celebration held at the Twin Oaks Estate, McCaul underlined his dedication to ensuring Taiwan receives the necessary arms and training to counteract China’s mounting military provocations. He stated, “Protecting Taiwan’s democracy is crucial to US national security and economic interests.” Addressing concerns regarding the recent government shutdown and political changes, McCaul reassured that such events wouldn’t influence US backing for Taiwan, emphasizing, “I love Taiwan” in both Chinese and English during his speech.

Recollecting his visit to Taiwan in April, McCaul mentioned his meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen and their discussions on the acceleration of arms deliveries, saying, “We will deliver those weapons.” The commitment comes amidst a pending delivery of arms shipments valued at US$19 billion to Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Representative to the US, Hsiao Bi-khim, highlighted the strong bipartisan congressional support for Taiwan and noted the unwavering commitment of previous House speakers. Despite internal political developments, she asserted that the support for Taiwan remains undeterred.


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