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Facing serious bribery charges, Senator Bob Menendez is receiving increasing calls for his resignation, including from fellow Democratic senators.

Senator Cory Booker, alongside 26 Democratic senators, voiced concerns for Menendez to step down following allegations that he and his wife accepted bribes from three New Jersey businessmen.

Menendez, who has represented New Jersey since 2006, asserted his intention to remain in the Senate and confront the charges. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer emphasized Menendez’s right to a fair trial without suggesting a course of action. However, Senator Gary Peters, who oversees Senate Democrats’ campaign initiatives, commented, “While Senator Menendez deserves to have a fair legal process, given the serious nature of these charges and how they have undermined the public’s faith, he is no longer able to serve effectively in the US Senate.” Additionally, key figures like Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey have advocated for Menendez’s resignation. Meanwhile, US Representative Andy Kim has expressed intentions to contest Menendez’s Senate seat.

US authorities allege that Menendez accepted sizable bribes, including gold bars and significant cash amounts, in exchange for aiding the Egyptian government and intervening in law enforcement probes into the involved businessmen.

Facing a potential sentence of up to 45 years, Menendez and his wife, Nadine, will combat the charges, marking the third instance of federal investigations into the senator’s actions. He remains unconvicted in previous cases.


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