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Iranian officials have announced that their intelligence agency has stopped a planned attack that would have involved 30 coordinated explosions intended for its capital.

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence reported on Sunday that they had stopped 30 “terrorist explosions” that were set to occur in crowded parts of Tehran, aiming to incite chaos. The statement said, “The explosions were planned with the aim of breaking the country’s security authority, creating an unstable image of the country, sowing despair and fear in the society, and instigating chaos and protests exactly during the anniversary of last year’s riots.”

The Ministry added that 28 people allegedly involved in the planned attacks were arrested during raids across Tehran, Alborz, and other areas within the country. Officials said that those arrested had ties to ISIS-affiliated organizations in “Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Kurdistan region in Iraq.”

Digging Deeper:
The ministry noted that the operations and technical aspects of the planned attack were “similar methods” tied to the Israeli government, an adversary of Iran. During the raids, authorities confiscated explosives, detonation devices, US-made firearms with ammunition, communication equipment, military attire, suicide vests, and foreign currency (Euros & Dollars). State media also broadcasted footage of the arrests, which revealed the surveillance of the suspects and their apprehension by intelligence personnel.


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