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In a recent conversation with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, President Zelensky encouraged the former US president to outline his ideas on halting the Russia-Ukraine war promptly to avoid further loss of life.

Zelensky pressed on the urgency of presenting a “global idea of peace,” inviting Trump to delineate his vision of removing Russian forces from Ukrainian lands. The Ukrainian leader emphasized the necessity for Trump’s strategy to not only stop the war but also curb “Russian aggression.” Zelensky maintained his stance against forfeiting Ukrainian territory in peace talks and expressed skepticism towards Trump’s earlier assertion that he could rapidly end the conflict.

Further in the discussion, Zelensky said that any desire to end the war should be grounded in reality and informed by “real-life experience.” Referring to Trump’s tenure as president, Zelensky pointed out the availability of an opportunity to work towards peace then, implying that Trump might have had other priorities during that period.

This comes as Zelensky wrapped up his visit to the United States this week, meeting with US leaders such as President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


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