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President Biden’s approval rating has reached 39%, marking the lowest for him this year in a CNN poll.

The newly released poll, conducted from August 25-31, indicates a decrease in approval for Biden from previous months; it was 45% in January and 41% in July. Similarly, the survey reveals that 61% of the respondents disapprove of his performance as president. At the beginning of his term, Biden’s approval rate stood above 50% but saw a drop to 38% in July of the preceding year. Although it rose slightly to 46% in December, the trend has been downward in recent months.

A broader sentiment analysis from the poll points toward negative perceptions regarding Biden and the nation’s current status. A significant 58% believe that the president’s policies have negatively impacted the country’s economic conditions, a noticeable increase from the 50% who felt the same way a year ago.

Additionally, only 26% of participants expressed confidence in Biden’s capacity to serve efficiently as president, down from 32% recorded in March. When hypothetically pitted against former President Trump, the potential GOP nominee for 2024, Biden and Trump received nearly equal support, registering 46% and 47%, respectively. The poll, which interviewed 1,503 U.S. adults, holds a margin of error of ±3.5 percentage points.


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