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Danelo Cavalcante, the murderer who recently escaped Chester State Prison, was spotted by residential security cameras in the vicinity of the prison on Saturday after midnight, as per official reports.

Cavalcante, sentenced last month in Pennsylvania to life imprisonment for murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of her children, made his escape from the prison last Thursday.

The Chester County District Attorney’s office confirmed his sighting on camera at around 12:30 AM in Pocopson Township, approximately a mile and a half from the prison. Officials remarked that Cavalcante’s appearance remains unchanged since his break-out and mentioned an attempted burglary near the area at 11:30 PM that same night.

In addition, another security camera captured Cavalcante on Lenape Road’s 1800 block at roughly 1:43 AM, with the footage showing Cavalcante traversing a backyard with items in his hands and a backpack.

District Attorney Deb Ryan issued a statement emphasizing public safety: “Law enforcement is requesting that residents in the area remain indoors at this time… Danelo Cavalcante is considered an extremely dangerous man. Please remain vigilant in assisting with this search. If you see this individual do not approach him. Call 911 immediately.”

In addition to his charges in Pennsylvania, Cavalcante is also sought for a separate murder in Brazil.


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