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Israeli President Isaac Herzog urged NATO to toughen its approach to Iran.

During a visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels, President Herzog argued that the war in Ukraine goes beyond the country’s boundaries and that the Iranian threat is now at Europe’s doorstep. Herzog said, “The illusion of distance can no longer hold. NATO must take the strongest possible stance against the Iranian regime including through economic, legal and political sanctions and credible military deterrence.”

This visit marked the first time an Israeli president has briefed NATO’s main decision-making body. Members of the Western alliance have been urging Israel to take a firmer stance against Russia over the war in Ukraine. However, Israel has refused to arm Kyiv as it is afraid of angering Moscow, which plays a key role in its neighbor Syria. Herzog stated, “A terrible war continues to cause needless human suffering and compromise the well-being and welfare of millions.” He added, “Our hearts continue to go out to the people of Ukraine as they defend their homes and their country.”

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said he had discussed “our support for Ukraine” with Herzog. The NATO Secretary General said Herzog’s visit was a sign of the US-led alliance’s “deepening partnership” with Israel. Herzog pointed to bolstering cooperation on cyber-security, threats from space, drones, and energy resilience. He said the two sides were slated to sign a new cooperation agreement “in just a couple of months, which lengthens the period of cooperation and expands it reach.”


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