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A Kremlin propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov, clashed with a guest on his show over the question of whether Russia should use nuclear weapons in response to an expected delivery of military hardware to Ukraine’s forces.

Vladimir Solovyov

Solovyov, who is considered close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has used his programs on television and radio to vent against the West and urge the Kremlin to use its nuclear capabilities in the invasion of Ukraine. In a recent exchange on his radio program, Solovyov questioned why parts of Russian society did not fully understand that the conflict in Ukraine was a “holy” and “patriotic” war against all of NATO and “50 Satanic countries” who want “to destroy us.”

During the exchange, Solovyov disputed with his guest, Russian MP Semyon Bagdasarov, who said that using nuclear weapons “is a dangerous trend” and that Moscow needed to develop its ground forces “and supply them with modern equipment.” Solovyov replied that “not using nuclear weapons is a dangerous trend” as he said that Russia should make the most of its “superiority in tactical nuclear weapons.” He added that “Why have them if we can’t use them?”

Bagdasarov suggested that Russian forces should destroy the western equipment deliveries using conventional weapons, but Solovyov argued that this would just encourage Ukraine’s allies to deliver more. “War has its own laws, only escalation, right now they fear nothing,” Solovyov said, “we should curtail it and do it harshly.”


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